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Paul Lanier at Saint Claude

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Paul Lanier MOF
Paul Lanier "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" 1991 and 1994

When Paul Lanier was 15 years old he started an apprenticeship as a furniture wood carver in Chalons-sur-Saône.

At the age of 18 he was graduating with a Professional License as a Wood Sculptor.

After his military service in the French Air Force he came back to St Claude where he worked for Gaston Monneret crafting pipes accessories.


He was scrum half of the Saint Claude rugby team (see F.C.S.C.)... a time.


In 1955 he established on his own at 16 rue Christin in St Claude. Meantime he improved in pipe-making technics with the help of an artisan named Epely.


Paul Lanier's workshop

The workshop building (top) as seen by the painter (bottom).

Paul Lanier wanted to combine his pipemaker qualities with those of the carving artist: he rapidly excelled at this.


Paul Lanier tackled themes like animals, personalities, history and not to mention himself :

Paul Lanier by Paul Lanier

Paul Lanier by Paul Lanier

This artisan used to work for Butz-Choquin where he carried out during about 20 years the "Maitre-Pipier" series until he retired.

Lanier's pipes on this website:

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