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  DR Ardor Urano Italy Fatta a mano
Artisans: AR(Angelo Rovera † ) + DOR(DOrelio Rovera) = ARDOR
See also Rovera, Roverart
 (Left side) Aston, Sovereign, LX, SG (In ovals)
(Right side) Made in England, 21 OJC

Brand established in 1983 by Bill Ashton-Taylor (1945 - 2009†)

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Brands with 3 dots logo



 (On top) Liburnia, Ambra
(Underside) Ilio, Barontini
Artisan: Ilio Barontini. He was a cousin of Cesare Barontini.
See also: Küttel

Bruce Peters



  Bruce Peters, Imported Briar

Brand of the Penn Tobacco Company formed in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania in 1901 by Russell Uhl († 1914) and Henry Weigand († 1942).

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(Left side)

Butz Choquin (Arched)

A Metz

A pipe pre-dating 1951 when Berrod-Regad acquired the Butz-Choquin brand. Prior to 1951 Butz-Choquin pipes were crafted or distributed by various makers including Berrod-Regad itself.

The shape of the lip and the curve of the mouthpiece both plaid for an original stem and thus an original logo on it.


  Olympic Derby (Side 1), Genuine Leather (Side 2)    Leather covered briar pipe


  Pipe Guido Del Vecchio, 202, (Circle)
Toronto, ON Canada


Julius Vesz

Hand Cut Canada

GKCPC 2008

3 (In circle)

Artisan: Julius Vesz of hungarian origin

Two series:

  • Hand Cut (entirely by hand, very old briar)
    Grading (ascending): 3 - 9, then A - D
  • Hand Made (smaller and simpler pipes)
    Grading (ascending): 2 - 4

See also (early label): Craft


Lewis SFR 783 
Chicago, IL 



Lord Kirk

  Lord Kirk, London Made
    ◊ Specially selected for Peterson's Ltd, 332
Brands with crown logo Brands with chevron logo
  Oldenkott Rubin


 Lines: Studio,  Diamant,
The Oldenkott factory closed down in 1992.
See also: Derby, Maxim


Father of Max Brandt


  Pioverna, Fatta a Mano
    Bellano-co, Fiammata

Pipe Maker



Red Dot






  SPECTATOR Imported Briar
 (Left side) The St James, London Pipe
 (Right side) ◊ Made in London (In circle), England, 334M


See also: Calabresi
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Willoughby Taylor

 (Left side) Willoughby Taylor, Genuine Briar
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