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The brand's name as logo
  OKÉ Sport


Liverpool England



Brand founded 1870 by Thomas Ogden, Tobacconist in Liverpool. Ogden's became a branch of Imperial Tobacco in 1902.

This pipe was crafted by Royal Dutch Pipe Factory, Elbert Gubbels & Sons.


see Saci

Old England

Brands with a spot or disk logo


(Left side) Old England, Junior Virgin
(Right side) Made In France (In circle) 51N

Old England

Brands with shield logo

  938XS, Old England, London Made, Made in England (Arched)



  Old England, London Made, 60, Made in England (Arched)



 79S XS, Old England
   ◊ S. LTD London Made ◊
    Made in England (oval shape)

Old Pal

Brands with arrow logo


The brand's name as logo


 ◊ Old Pal (Arched) [eagle emblem] Made in France ◊
Brands with two letters logo


  Old Pal (Arched over eagle) Standard

Old Rarity

Brands with target logo

 (Left side) Old Rarity, Hand finished
Probably a Linkman's second brand (same target logo).


The brand's name as logo


  Old-Vic, Reg. Trade Mark, 591

Ole Holm

The brand's name as logo


 (Underside) Ole Holm, Danish Hand Made, 79 N
Artisan: Ole Holm (†)

Oliver Brandt

Brands with ring  logo





 Spot on bottom of stem

Artisan: Oliver Brandt is the father of Max Brandt (MB).

Oliver Brandt

Markings: Oliver's pipes are stamped "Olive". The "Brandy" line is realized in common by father and son.

Grading for "Olive" and "MB" pipes (ascending):

AA, EX1, ..., EX12, Artline and Rune (rare)

Grading for "Brandy" line (ascending): 1,2, ..., 12


Brands with anchor logo


 (Left side)

Real Briar, OMB (In oval) Extra


Made in Morocco, 151

It is not established the mouthpiece of this pipe is an original one.


Brands with a vegetal logo


  Omega Crown, Algerian Briar, Made in France     


  Omega Arendal

Pipes with this brand are obviously from the same origin as Bayard, Chadhall, Thomas and Duke of Kent pipes.

Others fleur-de-lis logos: Ajustomatic, Cellini, Fleur de lis, Harrington Park, Vincenzo Lombardi

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