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Paris France
  A L'Oriental, Palais Royal... Extra




 (Top) Briargate
  (Bottom) Imported Briar, Ajustomatic, Pat. 2461905


Ben Wade Made in London England


The stem logo seems to be an original since the pipe is unsmoked.
Chicago USA
  Cellini Original, LLoyds Sandroc


Leather clad pipe
Maryland  USA


  FADER'S Filter pipe, Imported Briar, Italy
Fader's: tobacconists since 1891

(Left side) [Hand holding a pipe]

(Underside) 117

This no-name pipe can be attributed for certain to Crugnola because of the "hand holding a pipe" symbol on the shank. It is likely that the maker didn't want to stamp his name on this pipe because of a poor grain and flaws.
  KBB (In clover) Rocky Briar, REG US PAT No 298978, 1517
Kaufman Brothers & Bondy

Le Baron



 (Underside) Le Baron
Chicago, IL 


 (Side 1) Linkman's, Hollycourt
   (Side 2) 8833 Imported Briar
   (Bottom) PAT.2073663 L
(Underside LLOYDS, Century Old, Briar Italy
   Satin Grain (Oval shaped) 8518

Old Rarity

 (Left side) Old Rarity, Hand finished
Probably a Linkman's second brand (same target logo).
 (Left side) Orlik Supreme, London Made, T 90S



 (Left side Ropp (In oval), Classic  (Right side) 8673
The enlarged view displays two different models with this stem logo


  Seville, Imported Briar, Italy

(Left side) Talamona Romana

(Underside) Fatta a Mano

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