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Brands with several letters logo

 (Left side)  GGG (In oval)

(Right side Patent N° 43767

(Underside) Titanus

GGG seems to be a line (or a sub-brand) of the Titanus company. The Titanus factory in Bassano del Grappa was owned by the Cavazzon family as well as the pipe shop located in Via del Macello near the so famous Ponte Vecchio (or Ponte degli Alpini).

The Titanus briar pipe production runs from the 1940's to the 1980's.


Lugano Switzerland
Brands with an encircled letter logo

Gianni Davoli

Milano  Italy
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Gianni

(Right side) 1, Davoli Milano

(Bottom) [Smoking jester or devil]


  Gianni, Bruyere Extra
Pipes carved by the team of Pepino Ascorti and Luigi Radice in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s for Gianni Davoli, who owned and operated a pipe shop in Milano.
See also: Caminetto
Gianni Davoli


Brands with target logo

(Left side) [Hand holding a pipe]

(Underside) 117

This no-name pipe can be attributed for certain to Crugnola because of the "hand holding a pipe" symbol on the shank. It is likely that the maker didn't want to stamp his name on this pipe because of a poor grain and flaws.
The brand's name as logo


 (Side 1) GIGI Collection Italia

(Side 2) Studio X1, 118

(Bottom) Regd. Numbers 256267 - 385665  


Artisan: Luigi “Gigi” Crugnola

Gigi Pipe Via Rovera, 40 21026 Gavirate Oltrona al Lago (VA).

See also: Crugnola

Luigi Crugnola 2010



no logo on the stem


― Gigliucci ―

― O O (Etruscan "O")

― 12 ―

― Fatta a Mano ―

Markings: Pipes are stamped with letters from the early Etruscan alphabet.

  • "R" rusticated pipes
  • "S" sandblasted pipes
  • "O" smooth with bird eyes
  • "F" smooth with flame grain

Grading (ascending): the letter is repeated 1x, 2x or 3x

Dating: a 2 digits number indicates the manufacture year (12 = 2012)

Etruscan F:
Flame grain
Grade: 3
Etruscan F:
Flame grain
Grade: 2
Etruscan O:
Bird eyes
Grade: 2
Etruscan S: Sandblasted
Grade: 1
Etruscan R: Rusticated
Grade: 2

Artisan: Andrea Gigliucci (born in 1968) carved his very first pipe in 2006. In 2011 he started to market his pipes. Andrea Gigliucci is one of the carver who contributes to the Foundation brand.

Production (2012): ~150 pipes/year

Other pipe makers using antique alphabets:

Davorin Denovic, Todd Johnson



(Right underside)

Gilli Mauro

fatta a mano

[2 stars]


Artisan: Mauro Gilli (born in 1956) leaves his job as phographer and graphist in 1989 to devote himself to pipes. After having refurbished a lot of briar and meerschaum pipes (which he continues to do today) (2013), he decided to carve his own pipes.

Gradings (ascending): 1, 2 or 3 stars

 Mauro Gilli


Rainbow - Giordano Pipe
Brands with an unique letter logo

Giorgio Orsini



Artisan: Giorgio Orsini established in the Livorno region.


Brands with triangle logo


Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

  Gloredo Hand Made, (Chinese ideogram) Humility, 9, L.NG

Leslie Ng (L.NG) is co-founder of Glroredo. The brand's name is the contraction of GLORY + DO (Hall).

Grading (ascending): 1 3 6 9

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