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Rad Davis


no logo on the stem


― Rad Davis ―

― Hand Made ―

― USA ―

― 06 ―

no logo on the stem


― Rad Davis ―

― Hand Made ―

― USA ―

Some Rad Davis pipes are not dated.
Alternative Stampings
Artisan: Robert (Rad) Davis began making and selling freehand pipes in 2003.


Brands with an unique letter logo
  Radford's, 1999


  Radford's, 1993
Golden and axialy oriented "R" logo on the stem.
Private label of Pöschl Tabak GmbH & Co. Pipes crafted by Chacom

Radice Radice Pipes

  Radice, Clear, Made in Italy, Cucciago -co
The usual dot position.
Brands with 2 dots logo


Radice, Dark, Hand made in Italy

Huber München (retailer´s address)

Filter pipe design for German market.

two dots transversely arranged on a lucite stem.

This pipe has two airways drilled into the stem. Other "twin bore" pipes: Grand Master, Kaywoodie Durobit, Leonard's

Brands with 2 dots logo



oil cured

2006 hand made in italy

One dot on each side of stem.
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

 (Left side)

Radice, Clear, U

(Right side)

Luigi Radice, 1983

Very rare moon-sun logo on the stem.

Markings: The dot position interpretation

Usual position

Twin bore stem

Filter pipe

Oil-Cured briar

Dating: From 2009 and beside the stamp "Hand Made in Italy” a 2 digit number indicates the manufacture year since the brand's foundation (1980). (32=2012)

Production: ~ 1800 pipes/year
See also: Caminetto, Luciano

Luigi Radice 2009

Un pontage façon postillon

Chapeau, Luigi ! Chapeau, Luigi !

Pipe en sautoir Pipe en sautoir

Tête à tête Tête à tête

Face à Face Face à Face

L'Ibis (Eudocimus ruber)


Brands with ring  logo
Brands with ring logo

 (Left side)

Raffaello, Fiamma Bruna

(Right side)

AP 102

Brands with an unique letter logo

 (On top) Raffaello, Fiamma Antica

(Underside) AP 1009 Italy 

The meaning of "AP" is unknown
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