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see J. Alan Pipes


Saint Claude France
The brand's name as logo

 (Left side)

Graco Imperial

(Right side)

Made in France



The brand's name as logo

 (Left side)

Graco, Elite

(Right underside)

"Oil Prep.", 354 S

A brand of Grappin Fils & Cie
The corporate issued from the merger of Grappin-Brochot and Grappin-Dalloz in 1924 went out of business in 1968.

Grand Duke

Brands with an encircled letter logo


(Left side) Grand Duke, Meerschaum lined

(Right side) Algerian Briar, Made in France

In addition to the logo ("D" in octogon) the stampings shape, font and text of this pipe reinforce the assumption Duke of Kent, Sir Duke, Sir Bruce and Grand Duke were all Jeantet productions probably aimed for export.

Grand Master

Comoy (1)

 (Left side) Grand Master, Twin Bore

(Right side) Made in London, England, 96

Other "twin bore" pipes: Beau Nash, Leonard's, Kaywoodie Allbriar and Durobit, Radice, Siam, Twin Bore
(1) According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.

Grande Morez

Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side Grande Morez, Made in France

(Right side Imported Briar, 24


  GRANDMASTER (top) Made Malta (bottom)
See also: Boschetto (same logo) and Big Bill


Brands with a vegetal logo

 (Underside) Grandolfo

Artisan: Alessandro Grandolfo (born 1969) is full time pipemaker since June 2009.

Production: 250-350 pipes/year

Allessandro Grandolfo 2011
Markings: signature, no date, no grades.


San Fransisco, CA  USA
Brands with shield logo

 (Left side)

Custom Grain, Grant's, San Fransisco

(Left side)

Made in England (Arched)

(Right side)

London Made

Tobacconist's brand founded 1849 by Henry Sutliff. In 1925, Sutliff opened a shop in the 500 Block of Market St. In 1953, Ed Grant the manager, purchased the store renaming it Grant's Pipe Shop. He retired in 1988 and passed away in 2003. Ted Ware and Joe Barron took over the oldest californian tobacconist in 2004.
See also: Sutliff, Corinthian




  GRAVINA, First Quality Briar
Produced by Ibérica de Pipas


GRC Pipes
Brands with one dot logo 
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

  G. Christian
4, C (In circle)
GRC / 07
Band : 14 karat gold
  This pipe was crafted in 2007 (GRC/07). Note the changing relative position of the white and red dots

Artisan: Darius Eruch Dah

GRC stands for "Grace Rachel Christian", the name of Darius's wife.

Darius Eruch Dah 2010
La grosse cuisse de Darius La grosse cuisse de Darius


The brand's name as logo

(Left side) Greaves, Patent (Arched) Extra, Made in France

(On band) Greaves Patent

Looking at the enlarged view #3 one could think the Greaves pipes have a Peterson like P-Lip. This is not the case. The hole is drilled straight into the bit and the smoke isn't deflected towards the palate. Bontemps pipes had sometimes the same mouthpieces.
The brand's name as logo

  Greaves, Patent (Arched) 2 (Encircled)

Made in France

On stem: Greaves Patent

Greaves is a brand of Marechal Ruchon (which became C.G. Verguet Frères). These companies belonged to Oppenheimer Holding.



no logo on the stem


― ? ―

Artisan: Vladimir Kazimirovitch Grechukhin started as a pupil of Alexei Borisovitch Fyodorov.

See also: PS Studio




  Greenwich, Imported Briar

Greg Clemons

Clemons Briar Pipes
Brands with one blue or green dot logo

Brands with one blue or green dot logo




03 21


Artisan: Gregory S. Clemons

Numbering system example: "05-61" The 61st pipe made in 2005

Greg Clemons

Gregg Peevey

Tennessee USA
Brands with one red dot logo


G. Peevey, Apr.17.03


A5 (in circle) HT & HW



no logo on the stem

 (Left side)

― Grenci, Calabria - Italy ―

Artisan: Domenico Grenci (1920 - † 1998)


Losange, Diamond
(Underside)   Gresham Magnum, Made in London England, 810

 (Left side)

Gresham, Giants

(Right side)

Made in London (In circle) , England, 127

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