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The Marechal Ruchon & Co factory

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Foundation of the Maréchal Ruchon & Co Ltd regrouping :
- A. Maréchal Ruchon et Cie (from GBD, Ganneval, Bondier & Cie)
- Sina & Cie
- C. J. Verguet Frères
These companies are controled by the Oppenheimer Holding(1) (London UK). C. J. Verguet continues to use its name to keep a French facade to the whole.

Letterhead. The telegraphic address makes reference to the Sina brand.

Postal Card (about 1903-1908)
Caption (transl.): "St-Claude (Jura) Christin and Lacuzon streets
The pipemakers leaving the Factories"

Overall view of the plant at rue Lacuzon (Saint Claude). About 1990.
Cadastral map
Acquisition of buildings on both sides of rue Lacuzon and sprawl along the street.
Ebauchon drying shed.
Facade on the rue Christin

The factory hosts the ebauchon cutting workshop of La Bruyere. The later belongs as well to Cadogan Investments France, an affiliate of Oppenheimer holding(1).
Close-down of the factory.
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