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Brands with shield logo

  Marcee, M R C (in shield) De Luxe
Marcee is a brand of Marechal & Ruchon Cie (M R C initials). This corporate runed GBD France and was under control of Oppenheimer holding (GB).
The brand has been produced until shortly after WWII.
See also (same logo): Royale


Brooklyn, MI  USA
Brands with 2 dots logo

  Marchetti Pipes, 253    One oval dot on both top and bottom of the stem
Artisan: Phil DeFant
Phil DeFant 2010


Brands with one dot logo

 (Underside) Maremma, Vera Radica




  Marina Filter

Mark V



 (Top side) Mark V, Made in U.S.A.    (Underside) Imported Briar

Mark Tinsky

Brands with star logo

 (Left side) Mark Tinsky, Blast
(Underside) Pipes and Tobaccos, 2006, 140/150
"Pipes and Tobaccos " pipe of the year.


Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

  Mark Tinsky
    American, BLAST, A.S.P. 2001
Pipe of the year 2001 carved for the members of alt.smokers.pipes (ASP) forum.


American, Reg n° 382 G P M T (March 1982 Mark Trinsky)
Mark Tinsky and Curt Rollar formed The American Smoking Pipe Co. in 1978. Curt Rollar left the company in 1990.
Mark Tinsky



no logo on the stem


― e MARKLE ―

― Pipes ―

― e ―

Artisan: Ernie Markle (born 1978) began making pipes in 2010. Working under Brad Pohlmann's and Jeff Gracik's guidance helped him to progress steadily.


(See Andrew Marks)


St Claude  France
Brands with star logo


Marshall Field



 (Side 1) Marshall Field, Smoke Shop

(Side 2) Real Briar, Made in France

Leather clad pipe

Brands with shield logo

  Field Grain over Marshall Field Company
    Made in London, England
See other boat logo: Deauville, Neptune
 Fluctuat nec mergitur Fluctuat nec mergitur




Artisan: Paul Martel in Herbignac .
Martel's workshop was sold to Patrice Sébilo. Afterwards, Trever Talbert set up in 2002 in this same place when Sébilo stopped carving pipes.

  Valencia Spain
Brands with animal logo

Tobacconist & artisan: Rafa Martin
He stopped for a moment his own production between July 2010 and early 2012.
Rafa Martin 2006

Martin R.

Brands with an unique letter logo

 (On top) R. Martin, Richborough
Artisan: Richard Martin (1920 - † 2003).
Richard is the son of Thomas Martin, founder of the Blakemar Briars. In 1961, Richard moved the factory to Litchborough (Towcester UK) where he modernized the pipe production. In 1986 Richard's nephew, Michael Billington, became owner of the corporate.


Brands with a gemstone logo
  Marxman, Italy     Rhinestone on stem. Caillou du Rhin incrusté dans le tuyau.
Brands with arrow logo

  Marxman, Hand Carved, Imported Briar, Italy


 (Right side) Marxman, Jumbo  (Underside) Imported Briar, C


  (Left side) Marxman, Kings Cross  (Right side) Algerian Briar, France
  See also the "Kings Cross" brand and the "Kings Cross" line of Savinelli.
Brands with several letters logo

  Marxman, RockBriar (In oval) France
Brand created in 1934 and merged with Mastercraft in 1953.
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