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De Canori

 (Left side)   de canori
  (Right side de luxe, 807

De La Concha

Brands with animal logo
  De La Concha, London Made, Made in England, 62
Adress: 6th Avenue, (betw. 56th and 57th Sts.), New York.





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Une pipe tendre  Fluctuat nec mergitur


Dejarnett Briar Pipes - Handmade & Unique
Glendale, AZ  USA
Brands with a vegetal logo


  DeJarnett, Handmade in Arizona, 6550
  [Cactus] DeJarnett, 0310, Algerian Briar, [Eagle]
0310: 3rd pipe carved in 2010
Artisan: Horace DeJarnett
Highest grade: AAA
Second highest grade : [Eagle]

Silver Dollar


(See Jean Dejay)

Del Grano

Pipe Del Grano, portasigari, radica, beni di lusso, articoli per fumatori, regali uomo, smoke pipes, cigar cases, briar, men gifts, diamonds and gold, luxury goods
Parma Italy
Brands with several bars logo


Founded by Alberto Del Grano


Saint Claude  France
 No markings on the shank
This pipe from 1911 attests to the French Delacour society activities in Great Britain. The [A.D] [J.D] hallmarks respectively stand for Auguste DELACOUR and Joseph DELACOUR trading as DELACOUR BROTHERS LTD. The lid of the pipe is missing.


  Delacour, Diamant, St Claude


  (Left side) Havanna, Special (Right side) Delacour
Delacour pipes were crafted in the St Claude (14 bis rue Carnot) factory. The brand was founded in the late 19th century by Alix Delacour and owned a subsidiary company in London. Their activities stopped in the late 1950s.


Demuth's Tobacco Shop
Lancaster PA USA
Brands with 2 dots logo


 (Top side) Demuth, Lancaster. PA (Bottom side) 99, Meerschaum, Inner Bowl

Demuth's Tobacco Shop is still (2010) in the original building, 114 E. King St., where the company started 1770 in Lancaster (Pennsylvania). In 1986, the shop was sold by Demuth family member Dorothea Demuth to the Demuth Foundation.

Note: Lancaster County is the place where the first sizable Amish group settled about 1720 - 1730 in USA.

Do not confuse this tobacconist label with the William Demuth Pipe Company (WDC).

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