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The Delacour factory

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Cadastral map
Alix Delacour has a factory built at 14 bis rue Carnot in Saint Claude.
1893 - 1909
The plant is extended on the other side of the street (23 rue Carnot) and towards the west on the same side (14 ter rue de Carnot).

View from the west of the Delacour factory (1980s)

Letterhead (about 1920)
Back facade of the workshops and ebauchons drying shed.
Lateral facade of the ebauchons drying shed.
About 1960
Close down of the S.A.R.L. Delacour.
The workshops are acquired by the Jean Lacroix firm, after the two Lacroix brothers splitted.
Delacour leather case with its mirror and 8 pipes.
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