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The A. Lacroix factory

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Cadastral map
Fondation of the "Lacroix Frères" society associating the brothers Constant and Zénon Lacroix. The premises of the factory at 8 bis rue Christin (Saint Claude) had been purchased two years before.
Number of employees: about 30
The society is redefined. Now it associates Zénon's widow and her children André, Jean and Lucienne with the "S.A.R.L. Zénon Lacroix" name.
Number of employees: 17 (5 working at home)
Zenon Lacroix & Cie, Fabrique de pipes
Facade on rue Christin in the 1950s.
Lucienne leaves the society. The company extends its production surface aera by purchasing new buildings.
A. Lacroix factory
Facade of the "A. Lacroix" factory on the street side.
A. Lacroix factory in the 80s
Facade in the 1980s.

André and Jean Lacroix separate.
Jean Lacroix establishes the "J. Lacroix & Cie" society and set up on his own in the former Delacour factory, rue Carnot (Saint Claude). "J. Lacroix & Cie" will enter S.A. Cuty-Fort in 1988.
André Lacroix changes his company name which is now "S.A. A. Lacroix"(1).
Number of employees: 7

Gerard Lacroix

The business now managed by Gérard Lacroix, son of André, becomes "S.A.R.L. A. Lacroix" and gives up subcontracting pre-turned bowls for third parties. (ex : Ropp)

Production : about 10 000 pipes/year
Gérard Lacroix retires and gives Gaël Coulon the right to use the "A. Lacroix" brand name.

(1) S.A. (Société Anonyme) : Limited Company (UK) or Incorporated Company (US)
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