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  Mattoon, IL USA



  Darnell, Old Briar     Leather clad pipe
Brands with a spot or disk logo

  Darnell, Old Briar       Yellowish spot




  Dartmooth Club, London England, 293

David Jones

David Jones Pipes - Handmade plateau briar pipes with rusticated finish and acrylic stems. smoking
Brands with a spot or disk logo

(Left side)

David Jones

(Right side)

81323 PP


Handmade USA

Artisan: David Jones, since 1986.

Large mother of pearl dot on stem.

Grading (ascending): sandblasted pipes (not graded), S (standard), E, P, PP, PPP.

David Jones

David Jones Sydney

 Sydney Australia
This pipe was crafted at Comoy's workshops because of the trident logo on the stem: it is the same as Britannia's, an other Comoy's sub-brand.
David Jones is an Australian department Store founded 1838


Brands with an unique letter logo

  David's, Exclusive
Probably a tobacconist's private label.

Davidoff Davidoff: Homepage





 Circular inlay - Incrustation d'un disque
Pipes carved by the Cuty-Fort group (Chacom, Jeantet, Vuillard, Jean Lacroix, Ropp ...)



no logo on the stem


― 2008 ―

― Davidson (In oval)

― ?9 A ―

Artisan: Adam Davidson began making pipes in December 2005 and quickly became noticed at the 2006 Chicago Pipe show (CPCC 2006). He was member of the pipemaker crew who produced the Medici brand. In March 2007 he started working on its own.

The pipes are numbered in the order they were made.

Production (2011): ~ 90-100 pipes/year




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