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no logo on the stem


― TRP ―

― Pipes ―

― AB ―

Artisan: Tom Richard Mehret (born 1956) started making pipes in 2003 under the watchful and kindly eye of Rainer Barbi. His morta (bog oak) pipes (since 2005) are renowned.

Markings: TRP=Tom Richard Pipes. Some pipes are additionaly stamped with the full artisan's name.

Grading (ascending): BC, B, BA, A, AA, AAA,


Brands with wooden spot or disk logo


Brands with an unique letter logo
See also Richmond from John Redman


John Redman
Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Left side)

Richmond, London Made

(Right side)

Made in England, 15


Brands with star logo

  RIFF, *** (3 stars)


Valera: see V. Beast


Jon J Rinaldi Pipes - Handmade Briar Pipes
Brands with two letters logo

 (Bottom side) J. Rinaldi, USA 2009
Artisan: Jon Rinaldi a former photographer started making pipes in the early 2000's.
Jon Rinaldi 2010


Brands with an unique letter logo

  RINALDO, Hand Made in Italy, Lithos Silver line, YY


  RINALDO, Triade Titania, Silver line 7, YYYY

Artisans: Elio & Guido Rinaldo are the two brothers who founded Rinaldo Pipes in 1987.

Production (2007): ~ 1400 pipes/year

Grading (ascending): one to four "Y" and Fiammata (Straight Grain).

Finishes: Lithos (Rustic) - Sahara (Sandblast) - Triade (Smooth). Titania: bowl of greater dimension.

Elio Rinaldo
Guido Rinaldo


Brands with clover, spade, heart logo

 (Left side)

Ringmaster, Italian Briar

(Right side)





RM Davison


no logo on the stem


― 04011 ―

― RM Davison ―

Artisan: Bob Davison started making pipes in 2009.

Dating: The last two digits of the number correspond to the manufacture year (11 = 2011).

The 3 first digits indicate the order the pipe was made in the year.

 35th pipe crafted in 2010
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