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João Reis


no logo on the stem


― João Reis ―

Artisan: João Reis (Born 1978 in Portugal) lives and works in Denmark since 2004.

Production (2009): ~ 150 pipes/year

No dating or grading system.


The brand's name as logo


 (Left side)

Jobey, Charcoal, Filter

(Right side)


14 K gold band.




  Jobey Gondoli 200


  Jobey Stromboli


  Jobey Shellmoor
These pipes are made in St Claude (France) by Butz-Choquin (Berrod-Regad group) since 1987. Before this date some were manufactured in England and Denmark (Jobey Dansk).
Jobey's seconds: Shellmoor
Twin Towers


Brands with animal logo

 (Left side


(Right side)

Made in England (In circle), 55

Jody Davis


no logo on the stem


― Princeton, By J. Davis ―

Pipe without grade

no logo on the stem


― Princeton, By J. Davis ―

― Bishop ―

― 03 ―

― B ―

Grade: Bishop B. Pipe manufactured in 2003

no logo on the stem


― J. Davis ―

― Friar ―

― B 07―

― 69 ―

Grade: Friar B. Pipe manufactured in 2007

Artisan: Jody Davis (born 1967) used also to play electric guitar (2011) in a christian rock band.

Grading (ascending)

  • sandblasted: Friar (D up to A),
  • smooth/blasted: Abbot (D up to A),
  • smooth: Bishop (B and A),
  • smooth: Cardinal (B and A),
  • exceptional pipes: Saint (B, A and "Halo")

"P" indicates a prototype pipe

See also: Medici

Joe Coker


Joe Cortegiano

Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

  J. Cortegiano, Hand Made
Artisan: Joseph (Joe) Cortegiano (†) worked in New York. His very big pipes were reselled by Wilke or Barclay Rex, for instance.

Johan Kock

Ærø Island  Denmark


Outline of the Ærø Island (Denmark)

Artisan: Johan Kock.

Production: ~ 220 pipes/year

Other island silhouette logo: Bonet

Johan Kock 2009


Mogens: see Johs

John Aylesbury

Brands with two letters logo

Private brand of the German wholesaler who also distributes Bentley, Peterson or Brebbia.

John Bessai

Cleveland,OH USA
Brands with two letters logo
Artisan: John Bessai († 1969), pipemaker, repairman, and tobacco shop owner.

John Eells EELLS-USA.COM - Home of American Pipe Maker John Eells

Richmond, VA USA

Artisan: John H. Eells

John Eells

Stem logo: The "J H Eells" signature is engraved with a cutter that tapers to a point. It is filled with white enamel. When buffing the stem this white markings will not fade away and even become sharper.

John Kent

Brands with pipe logo

  John Kent, Italy

John Mackenzie

Losange, Diamond


John Mackenzie, 810

John Redman

Brands with an unique letter logo

  (Left side) Richmond, London Made
  (Right side) John Redman, England, 192
See also Richmond a second of Sasieni.


 (Left side) John Redman, London Made
  (Right side) Special Best Briar, 63
Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Underside) Redman's Royal, London Made, Made in England

John Sterling

Brands with two letters logo


 (On top)

John Sterling, Coleur Grain


Made in France

John Sterling (Export brand) pipes are made at the Chapuis-Comoy factory in St. Claude, France.

John Surrey

Brands with 3 dots logo




  John Surrey L.T.D. Golden Burl
  John Surrey Ltd. Imported Briar, Super de Luxe
About 1945-50
 (Left side) Drury Prima   (Right side) John Surrey Ltd
Brands with 2 dots logo
 (Left side) John Surrey. Ltd    (Right side) Sir John
John Surrey, Ltd.,
509 Fifth Avenue New York NYC, NY


(see Todd Johnson)




― Johs ―

― Hand Made ―

― In Denmark―

Artisan: Mogens Johansen has carved pipes for Bjarne during 15 years. When Bjarne Nielson passed away "Johs" established on his own in 2008.
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