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Brands with animal logo

(Left side) Arabesque, Real Briar

Brand produced in St Claude (FR) by an non identified maker.

Same logo and same rusticated finish: Wenko


Brands with 2 dots logo

Arcadian, B (in diamond) Genuine Briar 76
Brands with crown logo

(Left side) Arcadian (Underside) Aged Imported Briar


Brands with an unique letter logo

(Underside) Archie's, Imported Briar


Ardor Pipe Home Page Damiano and Dorelio Rovera
Brands with 2 dots logo

(Underside) Dorielo, Rovera, Ardor, Venere, 2 P, Italy, Fatta a Mano, 2007
"Venere" pipes with two dots are the best of Ardor's production: About one pipe among 250-300.
Pipes with ring  logo

DR Ardor Urano Italy Fatta a mano
Ardor Mercurio Italy, Fatta a mano, 2006 Acrylic stem. Sterling silver band.

Ardor, Giove, Italy, Fatta a mano, Fantasy, 2006 Pipe carved in 2006

(On bottom of stem) Ardor

(Left side) Ardor Venere, Italy (Bottom) DR
(Right side) Rovera/Dorelio (Cross words), Extra MOD DEP on stem
Artisans: AR (Angelo Rovera) + DOR (DORelio Rovera) = ARDOR.
See also : Fe-Ro ("Figli di Federico Rovera"), Rovera, Roverart
Dorielo Rovera
Dorielo Rovera
Angelo Rovera
Angelo Rovera



Argyle London Made, Made by Hardcastle's
Same logo: Tally Ho


Brands with diamond logo

Aristocrat London Made Superman Made in England
Brands with an encircled letter logo

(Left side) Aristocrat, London Made (Right side) Made in England
Brands with an unique letter logo

(Left side) Aristocrat, London Made
(Right side) John Redman, England, Superman
Brands with an unique letter logo

Aristocrat, Envoy, Imported Briar

Aristocrat Junior
Because of its very different stampings and logo this pipe is prehaps not from John Redman's workshop.
Aristocrat is an export brand of John Redman Ltd.



no logo on the stem


― 0 237 ―

― Carved by ―

― S. Arita ―

[Ant symbol]

Artisan: Shizuo Arita (born 1935) retired from business in 1998 but this experimented pipe maker continues to manufacture pipes just for fun.

Production (2009): ~ 100 pipes/year

Grading (ascending): S (sanded), T, S, N, A, AA

AA pipes are stamped with 2 ants other grades have only 1 ant.

Dating: The first 2 digits of the number hold for the production year.



no logo on the stem


― T. ARITA Tokyo ―

― 069, 04, X ―

Artisan: Takeo Arita (born 1971) started helping his father Shizuo when he was only six.

Grading (ascending): X (rusticated or smooth), Y (smooth), Z (exceptional pipes)


  • a 2 digit number for the year of production
  • a 3 digit serial number


(RDA/GDR) German democratic republic
The brand's name as logo

Brand from the German Democratic Republic produced by Firma A. R. Kuhn.

Pipe communiste Pipe communiste
Other Eastern Bloc pipe brands: Howal (GDR), Nagykörösi Pipes -Szabó Körös Pipes- (HU), "Veresk" Company -Golden Gate- (UA)


Brands with shield logo

(Top side) Arlington, Imported Briar
(Underside) Shelby
A brand of the Arlington Briar Pipe Corp.


Armellini Pipe: produzione di pipe in radica
Brands with ring logo

(Left side) Chairman, Selected Briar
(Right side) Mauro Armellini
Brands with a spot or disk logo

Verona di mauro Armellini, 306, Italy
Brands with an unique letter logo

(Left side) Armellini, Elite | (Right side) 02 | (Underside) Italy
The "m" on the stem was probably a forerunner of Mauro Armellini's dot. It also appears on the Mauro sub-brand.

After Mauro Armellini passed (1936 - † 2004), his daughter Vilma Armellini answered for the brand's destiny.

Seconds: Mauro, Converti

Mauro Armellini (1936-2004)

Vilma Armellini

Cerbère Cerbère

Ceinture de chasteté Ceinture de chasteté


Brands with an encircled letter logo

(Left side) Art-Craft, Strato-Liner, De Luxe
(Right side) Imported Briar, English Tone
A brand of the Art-Craft Pipe Co.
Other brand from the same maker: Anzio



(Left side) Artigiana, Italy (Right side) Ducale
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