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A short history of HARDCASTLE

1903: Edmund Hardcastle establishes the brand.

1936: the family sells 49% of the Hardcastle Pipes Limited shares to Dunhill.

1946: Dunhill buys the remaining shares. The family continues to manage the company.

1967: Dunhill merges Hardcastle with Parker. The new Parker-Hardcastle Limited company absorbs the Masta Patent Pipe Company.

Hardcastle's seconds: Argyle, Royal Crown, Royal Bruyere, Royal Castle and probably Oxford
The line names are displayed in alphabetic order.



(Underside) Hardcastle, London Made
This Cavalier pipe belongs to a famous Dunhill model. It illustrates the downgrading of Dunhill pipes by a Hardcastel stamping. The same adaptation is operated from Dunhill to Parker for pipes with less flaws.



(Left side)

Hardcastle's, British Made




Golden Jubilee

Brands with one bar logo

 (Left side)

Hardcastle's, GOLDEN JUBILEE, Super Grain

(Right side

Made in London, England

Jack O' London

Hardcastle's, British Made, JACK O' LONDON, 2
This pipe was produced in the Walthamstow factory owned by Hardcastle's before it was taken over by Dunhill in 1967.

Light Weight



Hardcastle's, British Made, Light Weight

Old Bruyere

  Hardcastle's, British Made, Old Bruyere, Giant



(Left side)

Hardcastle's, British Made, PHITU

(Right side)

Regd Design

N° 752535



This model is Hardcastle's answer to the Yello-Bole "Chinrester"



Hardcastles, London Made, REJECT (overstamped)

Royal Bruyere


 (Left side)

Hardcastle's, London Made


(Right side)

Made in London, England

Royal Windsor

Brands with crown logo

 (Left side) Hardcastle's Royal Windsor
 (Right side) Sandhewn RGD. Made in London England, 2
See also the brands: Royal Crown , Royal Bruyere and Oxford

Special Quality

 (Upper side) Special Quality, By Hardcastle
  (Bottom) Made in London, England

The Crown

Brands with one bar logo

 (Left side) The Crown, Regp, Made in England, Hardcastel's
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