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Mason House



  Mason House, Comfort, 110, Made in London, England  
    TB in Schield on silver ring


see Pipas + O

Masson & Cie

Lausanne  Switzerland


  Masson Tabacs, Lausanne
Owner: Dominique-Paul Frainier
Adress: Rue de Bourg
Famous customer: Georges Simenon




  Masta , Patent, Standard ◊ - Made in London, England ◊
Brand founded about 1900 and integrated to Parker-Hardcastel Ltd in 1967.


Brands with two letters logo

    Canadian, Briar Italy,


  Mastercraft Pigskin Italy     Leather wrapped pipe    Pipe gainée de cuir


  (Left side) Mastercraft, De Luxe    (Right side Imported Briar
Brand created in 1941.
Mastercraft had purchased the Shalom Pipe factory in Israel.
Mastercraft belongs to Lane Ltd group.
Mastercraft seconds: Sparkproof, Legion of Honor, Jet Pipe, Seville

Sparkless #2 Sparkless #1

Sparkless #2 Sparkless #2

Boxed Boxed


Brands with crown logo

Same crown logo as Dun-King


Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Underside) Masters, London Made, Made in London, England, 215
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Underside) Anastasia's (Arched) Collegiate
(Underside) Masters, London made, 451


USA Israel


(Left side)

Mastersen, Freehand

Briar Israel

Mastersen is a brand of the former Shalom Pipe Co. which was later bought by Mastercraft. (see also Alpha)

Mastro Beraldi

Brands with one dot logo

  Mastro Beraldi, Italy
Artisan: Aldo Pierluigi
"Mario Grandi" may be a sub-brand of Mastro Beraldi (low end pipes) started in 2006.

Mastro de Paja

Mastro de Paja
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo
Brands with a spot or disk logo

  Mastro de Paja Gigante 1B
 ◊ Mastro de Paja, For. W. Lubinski, Fatta A mano, brev. 331218172, 1 (In circle)◊
Mario Lubinski is the actual (2009) owner of Lubinski Ltd. (Pipe import and distribution) a firm founded by his father Woicheck Lubinski. Mario was distributor for Mastro de Paja from 1972 to 1980. Since that time Mario has become the largest pipe distributor in Italy and one of the largest in Europe (more than 30 pipe brands).
See also (Lubinski): Raganella
Mario Lubinski
Mario Lubinski
 ◊ Mastro De Paja, Fatta a mano, [Grade: One sun] 1978, 1 (encircled) C (encircled) ◊
Brand founded in 1972 by Giancarlo Guidi. He left it for Ser Jacopo in 1982. Alberto Montini became the owner of the brand in 1995.
Production (2010): ~ 5000 pipes / year
Seconds: Calibano, Montini,
Alberto Montini
Cavalier et surpoids Cavalier et surpoids
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