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  Verona di mauro Armellini, 306, Italy     Emerald green mouthpiece
After Mauro Armellini passed (2004), his daughter, Vilma Armellini, answered for the brand's destiny.
Seconds: Mauro, Converti

Ceinture de chasteté Ceinture de chasteté

Cerbère Cerbère


 (Left side) Berbriar, Reg. U.S Pat Off
Berbriar is a brand of Briarwood Corp. (California USA). The pipe is made of ground wood (Briar?), the particules being agglomerated under very hight pressure (no glue, no heat). Briarwood Corp. was the company which exploited Manzanita (Mission Briar) during WWII
 (Left side) Cassano ®
 (Right side) Bruyere
The Cassano brand was established in 1926 when Enrico Ceresa, coming back from St Claude (France), modernized his father's (Gerolamo) factory built in 1919 in Cassano Magnago. As soon as 1929 his brother Pietro emigrated to Brazil looking for new markets. The business appreciably developped in the 1930s thanks to an strong export policy (USA, Germany, Denmark, England ...). In 1970, Carlo Ceresa, son of Enrico manages the Fabbrica Pipe di Carlo Ceresa & C.



  Cesare Ultra Splendida, Hand Made in Italy




  Cliperwell Sandblast Made in Spain 741
Brand by Ibérica de Pipas
  Darnell, Old Briar       Yellowish spot

David Jones


(Left side)

David Jones

(Right side)

81323 PP


Handmade USA

Artisan: David Jones, since 1986.

Large mother of pearl dot on stem.

Grading (ascending): sandblasted pipes (not graded), S (standard), E, P, PP, PPP.

David Jones


Luzern Switzerland


   Hand Made
The Egloff Tobaccobar AG stopped its activities in 2007

Gert Konrad



Hampton Court

  Hampton Court, Made in England, 35 c


  Heibe Bruyere




(Underside) Heidemann, 1993, 6
Artisan: Heidemann lived in Wisconsin and had a small production (according to J.M. Lopes, op. cit.).


 Czech Republic
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Artisan: Pavel Hodula
  Kaywoodie, Magnum, Imported Briar




  Kingsland, Real Briar, Foreign    Blue spot
Kingsland probably was made by Friedland & Jackson of England ( "Who Made This Pipe" op. cit. )
But "Kingsland" is also a road in North London which had many pipe makers.

Luigi Pipas



Artisan : Luis Arbotto




  Mackenzie, Le Baron
BBB's second brand also produced in the Irish Republic (J.M. Lopes, op. cit.)
  Mastro de Paja Gigante 1B
 (Left side) Mauro, Series II
   (Right side) Italy, 325
Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. attribute this brand to Mauro Bartoli. But the dot is very similar to the one of Mauro Armellini's Verona pipe.


by Massimo Angelo for Dante pipes

Old England



(Left side) Old England, Junior Virgin
(Right side) Made In France (In circle) 51N




Brand of Perma Products




By G.M. Frame

Sir Oward



Student Prince

Wally Frank
 (Left side) Student Prince, Imported Briar  (Right side) 159




Pipes with this brand are sometimes carved by Armellini.
  Todd Johnson (Arched in oval) ΣΤΩΑ (STOA)
Stoa Briars Company
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