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BBB: " Best British Briar" is now a brand of the Cadogan Company (Oppenheimer group). American rights to use the brand name were sold to Wally Frank in 1980.
Founder of the brand in 1847: Louis Blumfeld. The oldest pipe brand name in the UK has been registered in 1876 (Blumfeld Best Briar)
Grading (ascendant): Own Make, Bold Grain, Best Make, Rare Grain
BBB's second: Mackenzie

Early Patent pipe

Losange, Diamond

 (Left side) Own Make, BBB (in diamond)
  (Right side Hesson, PATD DEC.22.1925, 2925
Early red diamond logo

Best Make


  BBB (in diamond) Best Make
Inlaid brass logo on the stem.

Hand Made

Losange, Diamond

  BBB (in diamond) Hand Made    
Ivory diamond logo

Morell Mackenzie


(Left side) BBB (in diamond), Morell Mackenzie

(Right side) Made in England

(Hallmarks on band): see enlarged picture #1

Quote from a paper on BBB pipes by Jacques Cole:

“Probably one of the first filter pipes (paper filter) was the BBB "Sir Morell Mackenzie". That this pipe was made before 1900 is shown by a letter dated August 27, 1891 from Sir Morell Mackenzie regarding these models with longer mouthpieces. The brand survived into the 1960s.”

Sir Morell Mackenzie (1837-1892) was a British physician, one of the pioneers of laryngology in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless he failed to diagnose the throat cancer of German Emperor Frederick III.


 (Underside) BBB (in diamond) Special


Brands with several letters logo


  BBB (in diamond), Tortoise

Two stars

Losange, Diamond
   BBB (in diamond) (Two stars), Made in England



 (Left side) BBB (in diamond) Freestyle



  BBB (in diamond) Own make, Thorneycroft, London England, 427
  BBB (in diamond) Own Make, Thorneycroft, Made in England     636 (on mouthpiece)  

Ultima Thule


  BBB (in diamond) Own Make, Ultima Thule
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