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Brands with anchor logo
Brands with anchor logo


(Left side)


(Right side)



C5, Made in Italy

The anchor logo of this model which is inlaid into the mouthpiece seems to be some metal in relief.
Brands with a spot or disk logo

 (Left side) Cassano ®
 (Right side) Bruyere
The Cassano brand was established in 1926 when Enrico Ceresa, coming back from St Claude (France), modernized his father's (Gerolamo) factory built in 1919 in Cassano Magnago. As soon as 1929 his brother Pietro emigrated to Brazil looking for new markets. The business appreciably developped in the 1930s thanks to an strong export policy (USA, Germany, Denmark, England ...). In 1970, Carlo Ceresa, son of Enrico manages the Fabbrica Pipe di Carlo Ceresa & C.
Gerolamo Ceresa
Carlo Ceresa




  Casseloni Triton 407 Italy
Brands with an unique letter logo
 Calypso Israel 


Brands with an unique letter logo


Brand with an architecture logo


 (Left side) Casteldoria
 (Right side) Vera Radica, Italiana

Sub-brand for Tom Spanu pipes and named after a little village near his workshop in Laerru (Sardinia)

See also: Clairmont, Castelsardo


Kent England
Brand with an arcitecture logo
 (Left side) Castleford, England, 99
  (Right side) Hand Made, by, Colin Fromm



  Castleford, England
Artisan: Colin Fromm
See also: Invicta Briars
Similar logos: Tower, Moorgate, St James


Brands with shield logo
 (Left side) Castleton (Right side) Imported Briar
See also (same logo): Middleton


Catini Pipes
Brands with star logo

  Catini, 2001
Artisan: Luciano Catini. He carves pipes since 1977.
Address: Via Galvani, 37
Fermo (FM) - ITALY
Luciano Catini

Cats Paw

Regina, SK. Canada

no logo on the stem


― Cat Paw Pipes ―

― Canada [cat paw]

Artisans: Bill Weist and his wife Terri carve pipes since the middle of the 2000s.

Production (2007):

Bill: 15-30 pipes/year

Terri: ~100 pipes/year

Terri Weist


Losange, Diamond
  Cavalcade, Genuine Bruyere B (in diamond)    Yellow diamond logo


Brands with wooden spot or disk logo

 (Left side) Cavicchi C.
(Right side) Fatto a Mano, In Italia
(Underside) ©©©©

Artisan: Claudio Cavicchi
Production (2006): ~ 1000 pipes/year
Grading (ascending): 1© to 5© and "Diamante" (Straight grain).

Dating: no date stampings

Claudio Cavicchi 2010



no logo on the stem


― Celius ―

― Root ―

― Denmark ―

(Right side)

― KING ―

― 24 ―

Artisan: Svend Axel Celius († 1999) started learning his craft about 1960 at Suhr's Pibemageri. He opened his own pipe manufacture in 1963 but closed down for unknown reasons in the middle of the 1970's. Celius continued to realize pipes alone until the late 1980's.

Two important pipe lines:

  • The "Fantasy" (sometimes stamped "Fancy") which are eccentric freehand shapes.
    "Fantasy" line grading (ascending): from 1 to 6
  • The "Chess" line is the most important and their gading follow chess pieces.
    "Chess" line grading (ascending): Pawn (sand-blasted), Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen and King.

Other markings on Celius pipes:

"Root" correponds to plateau rim pipes

The numerical code on "Chess" pieces designates the shape.

Some pipes are stamped "Zenia". They occured after his daughter's birth and are named for her.

"Randsborg" or "Randsborg crafted" is a crazy stamping having no special meaning.


Chicago  USA


Logo as Brebbia
Brands with a vegetal logo

 (Side 1) Cellini by Brebbia
   (Side 2) Ambra, Italy
   (Bottom of shank, near stem) 6001
Same Logo as Vincenzo Lombardi (an other Brebbia second).
Others fleur-de-lis logos: Ajustomatic, Duke of Kent, Fleur de Lis, Harrington Park, Omega, Thomas,
Brands with ring logo

  Cellini Original, LLoyds Sandroc
The shop (opening: April 27, 1929)  was exclusively devoted to pipes. These generally were imported and Brebbia was the most important supplier. The shop closed down on February 28, 1991.

Celtic Tobacco

 Czech Republic
Brands with shield logo

  Logo: silver blazon with a Celtic cross
Artisan: Dušan Doubek
Grading (ascending): 1 to 6 dots stamped on the shank.

Century Old

Brands with several bars logo


 (Upper side)

Canadian Lumberjack


Century Old, Imported Briar

The "Century Old" designation generaly appears with different labels of the Lorenzo brand (see: Jet Pipe, Lloyds, T.V etc.) and was possibly reserved for export models. But in this case the designation is not accompanied.


Brands with 2 dots logo
Luciano Cerrato
Artisan: Luciano Cerrato (born 1917) started as a hobby pipe maker in the early 1960s. After he retired from his job -he was turner- he produced steadily 150-200 pipes/year. Luciano's curved drillings are renowned.


Brands with a spot or disk logo
Brands with wooden spot or disk logo

  Cesare Sabbatia 104 Italy
Brands with a spot or disk logo
  Cesare Ultra Splendida, Hand Made in Italy


 (Underside) 108, Cesare, Suprema 4, Italy
(Underside of stem ) Hand Cut
Mother of pearl dot
Brands with two letters logo

 (Left side) Cesare


Brands with one blue or green dot logo


 (Left side) Cesari, Special  (Right side) 2
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