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 (Left side) T.C.G (In oval)

The initials T.C.G correspond either to "Thomas Critchly GARSTANG" tobacconist and cigar merchant in Keswick (UK) or to Thomas Claud GOODING & Edward Rhymer GOODING (pipe dealers in London) trading as "Thomas C. GOODING & CO".

According to the hallmarks (see enlarged view) the pipe dates from 1890.



 (Left side) Cha-Cha, T.V. Pipe

(Right side) Genuine Briar

(Underside) 8452

Yellow TV on the stem.
Brands with two letters logo


 (Left side) T.V. Pipe

(Right side) Century Old, Briar Italy

White TV on the stem.
Because of the "Century Old" stamping, this brand may be attributed to Lorenzo. Pipes marked like that by the Italian factory usually were intended to the US market.
See also (same "Century Old"): Jet Pipe, Lloyds and Century Old
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