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Tabac Mésange

Strasbourg France
Brands with several bars logo


Stuttgart Germany
Brands with an encircled letter logo

(Upper side) Springbok, Made in London, England

(Underside) Tabacum, 132

Tobacco shop owner (2009): Siegfried Schäuble
Address: Schwabstr. 120
70193 Stuttgart


Tabago håndlagde tobakkspiper
Bergen Norway
Brands with triangle logo

This pipe has NOT been carved by Bård Hansen but by a former Stanwell's employee who made his pipes with a "Tabago Handmade in Denmark" marking during a short period in the 1970th.
Artisan: Bård Hansen (or Baard) works in his workshop in Bergen (Norway) and doesn't use any logo on the stems of his own and true TABAGO pipes.

Tabak Rohr

Aarau Switzerland
Brands with chevron logo

(Left side) Tabak Rohr, Aarau

(Right side) 727


Brands with wooden spot or disk logo

Produced by Tagliabue, REG.N.° 69022/23, 20th Century,
Genuine Briar 148
Brands with ring logo

Orchidea, Produced by Tagliabue
Brands with ring logo

20 TH CENTURY, Super Sport
Pipes carved by Lorenzo Tagliabue († 1987) before he headed the "Lorenzo" company in 1969.
Tagliabue's second brands: Dr Hardy


See Siro Taioli


see Tatu Pipe


Brands with ring  logo

Brands with ring logo

Talamona, Romana
Talamona Romana, Made in Italy
Brands with target logo

(Left side) Talamona Romana

(Underside) Fatta a Mano

Artisan: Cesare Talamona is the son of Cornelio Talamona who founded the brand in 1929 in Oltrona di Gavirate (Varese). Most of Talamona pipes have a 9mm filter.

The business closed down in December 2000 after Cesare's wife had passed away.

See also (second): Caesar

Cesare Talamona


USA France

no logo on the stem


Talbert, S 3

Faite en Bretagne

Pipe of the "Talbert Pipe" line, grade "Signature" from 2003 (carved in France).

Notice the "Talbert" French version stamping.

no logo on the stem


Ligne Bretagne, Faite en Bretagne

5 C

Pipe of the "Ligne Bretagne" line, grade "Collector" from 2005 and thus carved in France.
Bog wood pipes (Morta)

no logo on the stem


5 C

Talbert Morta

Faite en Bretagne (Made in Brittany)

Trever Talbert's Morta pipes essentially come from a stock of petrified wood inherited from his predecessor Patrice Sébilo. Talbert occupied Sebilo's former workshop in Herbignac (Brittany FR) from 2002 until May 2009.

The bog oak used by Talbert came from the Brière marshes (Brittany FR). This wood has been radiocarbon dated: 1497 to 1171 BC. Dentochronologic dating tests on a sample led to a 1342 BC date (1).

(1) VISSET GIRARDCLOS LAMBERT In Quaternaire 1994, vol. 5, no2, pp. 69-77

Brands with 2 dots logo

Ligne Bretagne, Faite en Brentagne, 5, 2
Trever Talbert's comments on the above pipe markings:
"There was a brief period (Ed. note: about 2006) when I was marking the stem of each "Ligne Bretagne" with a number of liquid metal dots equal to its grade - a grade 2 got 2 dots, etc.  It turned out to be too costly in material and labor and bother, so I stopped it after perhaps six months.  So, there are a few pipes out there with stem logos, but not many."

Artisan: Trever Talbert is an US pipe maker who established in France from late 2002 to 2009.

Four pipe lines (2011):

  • "Ligne Bretagne" (LB) (from 2002)
  • "LB Goblin" (funny & greenish)
  • "Talbert Pipes" (TP)
  • "TP Halloween".

TP and TP Halloween pipes are fully handmade.

Production: LB Goblin ~12-18 pipes/year


"C"=LB Collector, "G"=Goblin, "S"=TP Signature, "H"=TP Halloween

LB grading (ascending): 1 (rusticated), 2 (fully sandblasted), 3, 4, 5 and C (Collector). Collectors are downgraded TP pipes.

TP grading (ascending): 1 (fully sandblasted), 2, 3, 4, 5 (flawless smooth). Signature are complex design and freehand pipes

Tally Ho


(Left side) Tally Ho

(Right side) Made in London, England, 30

(Underside) Pat. N° 227663

Tally Ho was a brand of both Vuillard & Strauss (France) and Hardcastle (England).
Because of the markings and the logo identical with Argyle's (an other Hardcastle sub-brand) this pipe should be of English origin.


The brand's name as logo

(Left side) Danish Handmade TAO B (encircled)

The brand's name as logo
Tao Svendborg Danish Handcarved

Artisan: Jens "Tao" Nielsen (Born 1945)
The mouthpiece of these pipes is handmade and the shank nearly allways displays a silver ring, a band or an extension. Together with Poul Ilsted, Jens "Tao" Nielsen created in 1970 the Svendborg brand. He is an indepedant pipe maker since 1981.

Jens 'Tao' Nielsen
Grading (ascending): from D up to S

Tao & Ilsted

Brands with anchor logo

6 (Underlined) Danish Handmade, TAO ILSTED
Artisans: Jens "Tao" Nielsen and Poul Ilsted.
This brand is used when Tao and Ilsted cooperate from time to time.
Jens "Tao" Nielsen formerly was a sailor.

Tatu Pipe


no logo on the stem

(Left side)

[Two pipes emblem], 1029

Tatu Pipe

Artisan: Tatsuo Tajima (born 1955) formely was a film and graphic designer. He started making pipes in 2005.

Markings: The two first digits of the number figuring on each pipe correspond to the year of manufacture (i.e. 10=2010). The 2 or 3 next digits indicate the manufacture rank in the year.


(See Paul Tatum)

Taylor Made


Taylor Made, Made in England
Brands with wooden spot or disk logo
Taylor Made, Made in England
Brand of Bill Ashton-Taylor (1945 - 2009†) when he leaved Dunhill and before he created the "Ashton" brand.
Bill Ashton-Taylor
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