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 (Left side) Chairman, Selected Briar
 (Right side) Mauro Armellini
After Mauro Armellini passed (2004), his daughter, Vilma Armellini, answered for the brand's destiny.
Seconds: Mauro, Converti

Ceinture de chasteté Ceinture de chasteté

Cerbère Cerbère


  Beldor De Luxe


  Broadcaster, Selected Briar
Brand of the Penn Tobacco Company. The pipes were manufactured for Penn by Henry Leonard & Thomas
See also: Bruce Peters, Vox Pop, Royalton




 (Left side) UNDERBOAR REG. NO 682372, 120
The Underboar line has been made for a period from the 1920s to WWII. Because of the system equipping these pipes, Charatan gave it the catchphrase "the pipe that cleans itself". (See document)
  Craft Briar
According to Michael Lindner, "Craft Briar" was an early label used by Julius Vesz.

Daniel Jud

  D. Jud, Handgemacht, Erlen CH, 07 04
Artisan: Daniel Jud, Doctor of medecine.
Other physician carving pipes : Dr Bob


  Derby, pigskin


Di Monte



A brand of Supreme Imports Coorporation
Brands with diamond logo 


(Right side) Made in England 6
"Opera" pipe with oval bowl
Dunhill stampings survey - Estampilles Dunhill
(Left side) Esquire Fine Briar
The Esquire font looks similar to the US fashion magazine by same name.

Title of the "Esquire" magazine
Verona   Italy
  Frabenver, Old Briar
Acronym for: FRAtelli BENzon VERona
See also: Benzon
Toronto, ON 
  Julius Vesz, Hand Made, 2 (In circle) Canada 45

Artisan: Julius Vesz of hungarian origin

Two series:

  • Hand Cut (entirely by hand, very old briar)
    Grading (ascending): 3 - 9, then A - D
  • Hand Made (smaller and simpler pipes)
    Grading (ascending): 2 - 4

See also (early label): Craft


Tokyo  Japan


 ◊ 榎作
= made by , product , = Enoki
Other stampings of this tobacconist
Perrysburg, OH 



Lewis SFR 783 

Max Brandt



See also: Oliver Brandt
Brands with two letters logo Brands with shield logo




(Left side) ◊ Monarch, Pat. Pend.
 The patent pending (1935) is for a system pipe that  had the metal tenon  in the shank and screwed on stem. (See enlarged view #3)

Fred Warnke established the brand in the late 1930 in Hartford (CT). The company moved in the 1950s to Tusla (OK).

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 Stockport England


Founded 1958

Current owner: Ian Walker

Artisan: Ian Walker



  Orlik Giant Made in England GX22
Brand of the Cadogan company (BBB, Civic, Comoy, GBD, Loewe, Orlik).

 (Left side)

Raffaello, Fiamma Bruna

(Right side)

AP 102





  Savana 930


Brands with wooden spot or disk logo 
  Orchidea, Produced by Tagliabue
  20 TH CENTURY, Super Sport
Pipes carved by Lorenzo Tagliabue († 1987) before he headed the "Lorenzo" company in 1969.
Tagliabue's second brands: Dr Hardy


  Talamona, Romana


  Vanderbilt, Imported Briar

Vox Pop

  [Emblem] Vox Pop, Selected Briar

Brand of the Penn Tobacco Company formed in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania in 1901 by Russell Uhl († 1914) and Henry Weigand († 1942).

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 (Left side) Wolf, London, HHW
 (Right side) (In circle) England Made, 9F
According to Wilczak & Colwell (op. cit) a brand of the Wolf Pipe Co (USA) despite the English origin stamped on the shank (?).


  Honey-cured briar, KBB 2003 
 ◊ O (Yellow) KBB (In clover) Yello-Bole, Reg US Pat Off,
      Imperial, Cured with real Honey 3024 B ◊ 
      Logo on shank and stem


  KBB (In clover) Yello-Bole, Algerian Bruyere, 2323
See also: KB&B
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