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Milano  Italy
Brands with wooden spot or disk logo

  Oliphant for Harry, 22 01 07, Italy
Artisan: Angelo Chirico. He carves pipes since 2005.
Production (2009): ~ 60-70 pipes/year
Adress: via Papa Giovanni XXIII, n. 18 20061 Carugate (Mi)


Brands with star logo

 (Left side) Citation  (Right side) 6013, Italy
See also: Alpha Citation

City de Luxe

Brands with star logo

  City de Luxe, Made in England 357
Brands with several letters logo

(Left side) City de Luxe, London Made

(Right side) Made in England, 1452

(On stem) Tuskan Lip Pat 414197

This pipe has a patented stem design called "Tuskan Lip" with a 3-draw holes in the bit (see enlarged pictures).

Other "Tuskan Lip" pipe: see Beau Nash

(Left side) City de Luxe

(Right side) T 182

This stem logo on City de Luxe pipes is extremely rare.

City Gold Star

Brands with star logo

(Left side) City Gold Star Unique

(Underside) Made in France

While the City de Luxe logo is a silver outline star, this one is a solid gold color star. This GBD second was crafted in the French facilities of the brand.


The brand's name as logo

 (Left side) "Civic", Royale, London made
  (Right side) Made in England, 358
The brand's name as logo

 (Left side) "Civic", Supreme
 (Right side) London. England, 185
  Note the "CIVIC" stamping without forked tail letters.


(Left side) "Civic", London made
  Logo with forked tail letters.
Brands with a vegetal logo

 (Side 1) "Civic", Olympic, London Made
   (Side 2) Made in England, 188
Brands with several letters logo

(Left side) "Civic", Nu-Old, London Made (Right side) 427
See also NU-OLD as a brand
Brand of the Cadogan company (BBB, Civic, Comoy, GBD, Loewe, Orlik).




― Claessen (Arched)


― Pipes ―

― 2011 76 ―

Artisan: Dirk Claessen (born 1962) started to carve pipe in 2009 with the help of Peter Heding and Love Geiger. In 2010 he established as a professional full-time pipe maker.

Stampings: The pipes bear the year of manufacture and the rank in the year.

Nobody knows the signification of the logo (Smoking moon? Corkscrew?)

Production (2010): ~ 50 pipes/year


Brands with one blue or green dot logo

(Left side) Clairmont ©, Gardinian [star] Briar

Brand created by Alberto Paronelli in the 1970's. Pipes usualy were crafted by Tom Spanu. "Clairmont" is a francization of "Chiaramonti", birthplace of Tom Spanu (see dok).

See also: Casteldoria, Castelsardo


 Netherlands Italy
Brands with shield logo

 (Left side) Clan (In blazon)

Pipes made by Gasparini on behalf of Koninklijke Theodorus Niemeyer Ltd (Clan, Neptune, Schippers, Captain Black, Flying Dutchman...). They were present on the Italian market from the end of 1984.

Other pipes from a tobacco brand on this site: Clan, Borkum Riff, Prince Albert, Mac Baren


Brands with one red dot logo
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo
  Claridge Import Briar Sterling silver (on ring)
Similar logo: Cosmopolitan

Claude Romain

Saint Claude  France
Brands with two letters logo
 (Left side) Claude Romain, Silverado
Brands with clover, spade, heart logo

 (Left side) Claude Romain, Monte-Carlo
(Underside) Made in France
Berrod-Regad group.
Essentially produced for the german market


(see Greg Clemons)


The brand's name as logo

 (Left side) Premier, Clifton Make
  (Right side) Made in England, 165
  Clifton's, Dentaluxe, Standard  On stem: REGD 787511
Brand of Hall & Fitzgerald (J.M. Lopes, p. 86, op. cit.)


Brands with a spot or disk logo
  Cliperwell Sandblast Made in Spain 741
Brand produced by Ibérica de Pipas


Brands with star logo

  CLUB, Trade Mark
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