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Paul Gilland


(Left side) Aurelia Saint Claude veritable
 (Left side) Claude Romain, Monte-Carlo
(Underside) Made in France
Berrod-Regad group.
Essentially produced for the german market


  (Left side) Super Grain, Kaywoodie
 (Right side) Imported Briar, 5131C
This pipe is stamped with a four digit number which situates its production year between 1931 and 1938.


  Kaywoodie, Flame Grain, Imported Briar



 Clover on the stem

(Left side)

KBB (In clover) Paragon, Italian Briar


(Left side)

◊ KB&B (Inside large clover outline) ◊


Period: 1919 - 1924

Inner-Tube (like Dunhill of same era)

This pipe with a rare blue clover logo is contemporary of the early Kaywoodies.

Chicago, IL USA

(On top) Linkman's Fifty Grand

(Underside) 1591

The FIFTY GRAND model came out in 1937, with a model number always starting with 15.


(Left side) MLC (In oval) Aragon Italian Briar

MLC are the initials for Mary Linkman & Co.

Pipes with the "MLC in oval" stampings correspond to an early production from the Chicago plant predating the Dr Grabow brand.

Mary Linkman was the mother of Louis B. Linkman, founder of the company.

Pennsylvania   USA
  Perkins, Crown of England






 (Left side) Ringmaster, Italian Briar  (Right side) 2389

The YomoC


(Left side)

The YomoC Pipe

(Right side)

London Made (Oval) 3358

YomoC is an angram of ComoY


  W.H, Made in USA
Brand from William Hendrix, Ulster Park, NY according Wilczak & Colwell (op. cit.).


 (Left side) Waldorf, De Luxe
 (Right side) Imported Briar, Made in France
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