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Brand of Kaufman Brothers & Bondy

See also: Dorset, Hamilton, Kaywoodie




(Left side)

Dinwoodie (Arched) KB&B (In clover)


1920 S Y

The Dinwoodie label by KB&B appeared in November of 1919 and has been discontinued before 1924 giving way to the Kaywoodie line.


Brands with clover, spade, heart logo


(Left side)

KB&B (Inside large clover outline)


Period: 1919 - 1924

Inner-Tube (like Dunhill of same era)

This pipe with a rare blue clover logo is contemporary of the early Kaywoodies.

Marco Polo

 (Left side on the stem) Marco Polo, KB&B (in clover)
The ampersand (KB&B) inside the clover logo has been discontinued in the 1930s.


Brands with several letters logo


 Suez, KB&B (in clover), Italian Briar
This pipe probably dates from the 1930s

Stem logo

Brands with clover, spade, heart logo

  No markings on the shank.
▲ Clover with ampersand stamped on the stem


Pipes made of misc. woods

 (Left side)

KBB (In clover), Monterey, Carburetor

US. PAT. 2082106

(Right side)

Mission Briar


The 55 KB&B shape number (Bent Billiard) seems to follow Kaywoodie's nomenclature. The Carburetor Pat. N° 2082106 is also the same as Kaywoodie's which produced Carburetor pipes from 1948 on. That could mean that the Manzanita (Mission Briar) pipes continued to be crafted long after WWII when Briar supply returned to normal for a long time.

This pipe also demonstrates the Manzanita grain has not always the monotony it is credited.

Pipes made of misc. woods

Brands with pipe logo

 (Left side) KBB (In clover), Monterey, Specimen Briar
(Right side) Mission Briar, 37

Faced with shortages of briar during World War II, Kaufman Brothers & Bondy used expedient sources and methods to maintain production. The most notable of these was the "Mission Briar" pipe made of Manzanita burl (Fam: Ericaceae) harvested in California. The Manzanita pipe production gradualy decreased from 1943 when Algerian briar shipments started again.

MONTEREY exists also as a full KB&B's sub-brand.

Other Manzanita pipes: Devonshire

The Pickwick

(Left side) KBB (In clover), The Pickwick, Algerian Bruyere

The secret of a so long shank lies in its subdivision in two screwed parts. This is not a repear of a broken shank since the markings exactly overlap these two parts.

See also (same design): Savinelli Long John


Brands with a vegetal logo

(Left side) KBB (In clover), Canadian, Genuine Bruyere

Length of the pipe: 18.4 cm

Lenght of the shank: 10.9 cm

Rocky Briar

Brands with ring logo

  KBB (In clover) Rocky Briar, REG US PAT No 298978, 1517


Brands with clover, spade, heart logo

(Left side)

KBB (In clover) Paragon, Italian Briar





  KBB (In clover) Yukon, Genuine Briar     - Pickaxe and shovel - 

The Swiss




  KBB (in clover) The Swiss, Italian bruyere 4506
Other mountain logos: Heighstone
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