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Dobi's pipes were sold by Cremonesi, a reseller in Vaprio d'Adda (province of Milan). The pipes were reportedly manufactured by Rossi.

Doctor Mac



 (Left side) Doctor Mac, Dry Smoker   (Right side) French Make


Brands with animal logo

Brands with pipe logo

  Dollar, Sweden

Logo: Elephant on pipe

The first pipe of the young Bo Nordh was a Dollar.

A brand of the Skandinaviska Pipfabriken.

Probably from same workshop: Harlekin and Bromma


Brands with several bars logo


  DOLLY Bruyere
Similar logo: Ercole Bogni




  Don, Regular, Made in Denmark, 09

Don Carlos

 (Left side) Don Carlos
New logo introduced in 2000  
No notes grading on this pipe. The shank end (sterling silver) is a reference to a Roman Column. This is a recurent theme on Bruto Sordini's pipes.
Brands with one bar logo

   Don Carlos, Fatta a mano, in Italia [two notes]

Artisan: Bruto Sordini

Production (2006): ~ 2000 pipes/year

Bruto Sordini 2008

Grading: three classes - rusticated  - smooth  - straight grain. Within each class pipes are graded into 3 categories by 1 to 3 musical notes. Exceptional pipes are stamped "Chorale".


2002: The pipes started to be stamped with a date reference. It is a "50/2" stamp.

  • 50: was Bruto’s age in 2002
  • 50/2=25: is exactly the years that Bruto spent in making pipes in 2002 (starting in 1977).

2003: No date reference stamped.

2nd April 2004: "27" stamp (25+2)

2nd April 2005: "28" stamp... and so on

Author's note: a convoluted dating system!

 Garder une tête froide 

Don Roberto




  Don Roberto, Fume, 357, Italy


Brands with several letters logo

  Doncaster, Made in England


(See The Doodler)









  Dorset, Imported Briar
See also (same logo in yellow): Hamilton
Brands with an encircled letter logo

  Dorset, Genuine Briar

Douwe Egbert


no logo on the stem

 (On top)

― Douwe Egberts House Blend ―

― Made in Denmark ―


― 603 ―

This pipe was made under license by an unknown Danish maker.
Brands with an unique letter logo


 (Right underside)

Douwe Egberts, X-tra, 811

The Douwe Egbert Company manufactures the Amphora pipe tobaccos.

See also: Amphora


Losange, Diamond


Dover pipes

Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) "Dover" Pipes, London Style (Underside) 2, France


Surrey, British Columbia Canada

no logo on the stem

 (Right underside) ― downie, B3 ―
Grading (ascending): from 5 to 1

 Morelia viridis (Green Python)

 Octopus vulgaris

 Lepus europaeus (Hare)

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