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Brands with several letters logo

(Left side) Bruyère Garantie, BMF (In oval), Saint Claude (Right side) Epsom
Leather covered pipe
Brands with two letters logo

(Left side) La Fumée Bleue, Saint Claude
(Right side) Super, BMF (In oval) Bruyere Extra

Bo Nordh


no logo on the stem


― B. Nordh, Sweden, 03 ―

Artisan: Bo Nordh (1941 - †2006) the man who brought briar to sing.
Production: never more than 50 pipes/year

See also: Botang, Dollar

Early markings: at least until late 1960s Bo Nordh pipes were stamped "Nordh" (without "B.") and "Hand made".
Bo Nordh early markings


See Enrico Bocci


See Age Bøgelund


See Ercole Bogni


Brands with star logo
Bolton, Best Briar
Brands with an encircled letter logo

Bolton, Genuine Leather, Italy


Brands with a gemstone logo



Sabbia , 11 , made by hand

XL (In oval)

Artisan: Paul Bonacquisti is pipemaker and owner of a tobacco shop. The early pipe brand name was Bonaquisti (without "C") and pipes of that first period had a "B" on the stem. This changed in 2009 after the artisan opened in 2006 - with his brother and a friend - the "Park-Lane" shop located in Clifton Park, NY. The stem logo became a semiprecious stone.

Paul Bonacquisti

Stampings: BONACQUISTI (Block letters)

Production (2010): less than 100 pipes/year


Welcome to the Pipe Store of Paul Bonaquisti
West Sand Lake, NY USA

Bonaquisti 02 (carved in 2002) Rustica, Made by Hand, XXL (in oval)
Bonaquisti 0 (carved in 2000) Sabbia, Made by Hand

Artisan: Paul Bonacquisti (born 1963) carves pipes since 1996.

Stampings (after 1997): Name, year (9=1999, 0=2000, 01=2001, ...), finishing, "Made by hand", Size (for larger pipes)

Production (2006): ~ 150 pipes/year


J. Bonet, Mallorca
(Left side) Bonet Mallorca
"BONET" in block letters

Artisan: Joan Bonet i Nadal born in 1929 (retired).

Nickname: "Bonet de ses pipes"

The logo is the outline of the Maiorca island.

Other island silhouette logo: Johan Kock

Joan Bonet i Nadal
Books by Joan Bonnet: Les rondalles de la pipa (1978), ...I fumant en pipa (1981), Pipades i vivències (1983), Las Pipas (1989).


Bonfiglioli Alberto Pipemaker's Page
Brands with triangle logo
Brands with triangle logo

Artisan: Alberto Bonfiglioli
Alberto Bonfiglioli 2010


Firenze Italy
The brand's name as logo
G. Bongi, Firenze, 390
Gift, game and accessory shop located Via Panzani (or Via Cerretani?) which proposed also some home brand pipes.

Bonnie Brier

Brands with crown logo

Bonnie Brier, Matterhorn
Brands with crown logo

Bonnie Brier, Matterhorn, Imported Briar
Brands with two letters logo

Bonnie Brier, Standard, Imported Briar
Brands with an unique letter logo

Bonnie Brier, Highlands, Imported Briar
Brands with two letters logo

Bonnie Brier, Interlude, Imported Briar
Brands with two letters logo

(Left side) Bonnie Brier, Willow Ridge, Imported Briar


Saint Claude France
Brands with chevron logo

Brands with arrow logo

(Underside) Bontemps Saint-Claude (On stem) France, hand cut
Brand of the Berrod-Regad group.



no logo on the stem

(Left side) ― Hand Cut, In Denmark, LB ―

Artisan: Leo Borgart (1944 - †2009)

 Le broussin fripon (siamese pipes)
Exceptional pipes are stamped with a crowned lion.

Borkum Riff

Brands with two letters logo

Borkum Riff, Italy The locket is engraved with "1991"

Borkum Riff is a tobacco brand of Swedish Match Co. This pipe was manufactured by Savinelli (identical to Savinelli's 440KS model: see detailed view).

Pipes from a tobacco brand on this site: Clan, Borkum Riff, Prince Albert, Mac Baren



Olive wood pipe
See also: Grandmaster (same logo)


(Kirk D.) bosi pipes
Chicago, IL USA
Brands with one blue or green dot logo
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

BOSI Kirk Bosi, S1-5
Artisan: Kirk D. Bosi
Pipecarver since 1999.
Kirk Bosi 2008


Sweden Denmark

(Underside) Botang, Dead Root † 2002

Pipe designed by Bo Nordh and realized by Tom Eltang who both signed a certificate of authenticity stating and prooving (with pictures) the piece was made from dead root briar.

Tom Eltang

See also (other collaboration): Gotang


Brands with an encircled letter logo

Real Briar, Bounty

Bowles & Son Ltd.

Cardiff England
Bowles & Son Ltd, Cardiff & Newport
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