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Astor (In oval), Made in London (In circle) England, 497



Balleby, Hand Made, Denmark
A silver dot is imbedded between the shank & bowl (See enlarged view)



BDL Supreme 393

Bonfiglioli Bonfiglioli Alberto Pipemaker's Page


Artisan: Alberto Bonfiglioli

Danish Crown

Brands with two letters logo

(Left side) Danish [crown] Crown, Handmade in Denmark
(Underside) 448
(Underside) Duncan Delta (In triangle), England
(Left side) Empire State (stem underside) Italy



Jean Dejay


Jean Dejay

La Salle


(Left side) La Salle (Underside) Made in France
La Salle was a Iwan Ries & Co (IRC) import brand for leather wrapped pipes made in France. These pipes are listed in the 1962 tobacconist's catalog.

(Side 1) Lord, Reg.N° 252 203 (Side 2) 61 S
(Top) Lorenzetti
Early model with an "L in triangle" stem marking. Notice also the underlined script "Lorenzetti" stamping.

Luxor, Bruyere
Same logo, different brand: Lord


Mathiss Extra [Triangle] 3141 , N
Pierluigi, Fatta a Mano, Per i miei Amici, B
See also: Mastro Beraldi

Schiffsmakler Jürgensen


(Left side) Schiffsmakler Jürgensen, Flensburg

(Stem underside) France

Private label of the Jürgensen shipbroker established in Flensburg (Germany) and famous for having inspired the painter Otto Heinrich Engel (1866-1949). A french crafted pipe distributed as a corporate gift.
Sir Bruce, Hand Made
See also (same logo): Luxor, Lord
(Left side) Sunrise Tawny Grain
(Right side) Vintage Briar, 299
(Bottom) France


Tabago håndlagde tobakkspiper

This pipe has NOT been carved by Bård Hansen but by a former Stanwell's employee who made his pipes with a "Tabago Handmade in Denmark" marking during a short period in the 1970th.
Artisan: Bård Hansen (or Baard) works in his workshop in Bergen (Norway) and doesn't use any logo on the stems of his own and true TABAGO pipes.


(Left side) Vinche, Doublee Ecume (Right side) Extra

The brand has been created at Bruxelles in 1864 by Jean Batiste Vinche and runed after him by his son Victor.

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WDC (In triangle) Milano Imported Briar

WDC (In triangle) Guardsman, Genuine Briar, Deresined Processed
WDC (In triangle), Dunlop, Kerly Briar
WDC (In triangle) Kensington
WDC (In triangle),Wellington
Willian Demuth Pipe Company

Bingo Bingo

Heaume Heaume

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