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 (Left side) Emerson, London Made

(Right side Made in London (In circle) England, 409

Emil Chonowitsch


no logo on the stem



― Denmark ―

― Handcut ―

― 84 ―


Artisan: Emil Chonowitsch (†1996) was the father of Jess Chonowitsch

Stampings: US export pipes were stamped "HANDCUT" while the others had a "HANDSKAAREN" stamp.


Brands with animal logo
 Eminent, Classic Briar, Danish design, 604 
Initially a Danish brand taken over by Oldenkott


 (Left side) Emperor, Imported Briar   (Right side Supreme
On stem: "Custom Finish"
 (Left side) Emperor, Imported Briar
 (Right side Standard
On stem: "Hand Finished"
A brand of Empire Pipe Co


  Empire, de Luxe, London Style, 59 L
The logo seems to represent a sun rising over water.

Empire State

See also: Regis (same logo)
Brands with triangle logo

 (Left side) Empire State (stem underside) Italy
Brands with diamond logo


Emilio Navarro SL factory

English Pride

Brands with two letters logo

English Pride, Made in London, England

English Variables

Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) English Variables
  (Right side Made in England

Enrico Bocci

Brands with two letters logo

  Enrico Bocci, Radica, 604
Artisan (retired in in the 1980's): Enrico Bocci


Vercelli, Piemonte Italy
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo


The logo on the stem is a clockwork bushing (brass).
Artisan: Enrico Marola (also whatchmaker)
Enrico Marola



no logo on the stem


― Gamme DE ―

no logo on the stem


― D. Enrique ―


(Near stem)

― HM 07―

Artisan: David Enrique (born 1980) established on his own as pipemaker in 2007 after two years apprenticeship at Chacom (St Claude, FR). He improved his craftsmanship with Marco Biagini (Moretti pipes) or Heiner Nonnenbroich.

Grading (ascending): Gamme DE, Accord, and Harmonie.

Pipes stamped Alliance are from a collaboration with Pierre Morel (from 2010 on).


Brands with an unique letter logo


 (Left side) Epoca (Right side) Imported Briar, Italy
This brand hasn't any relationship with Castello's famous Epoca line.
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