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La bruyere au coeur ...
The brand's name as logo


Morel, Fait main, St Claude, France


P Morel JR, Fait Main, France, Benzon - Italy

▲ Pipe from Pierre Morel junior crafted prior to 1980. The


in "Morel" will become a


Benzon was Pierre Morel's italian reseller until 1980.



Morel (Signature) Hand Made, St Claude, France

The "Morel" stamping on the shankof this pipe has the shape of a signature. This marking characterizes pipes of Pierre Morel (father) destined in the 70s to Mr. Tiedemann, wholesaler in Bremen (Germany).
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Brands with pipe logo

These pipes carved by Pierre Morel Senior show evidence of an intense activity to find new shapes.

Artisans: Pierre Morel (Father and son).

Pierre Morel (1908 - 1979†) crafted pipes also stamped with brands like "PEHEM", "PM", "PEHEM MOREL" or "TOTEM".

Pierre Morel (Son, born 1949) stamped his pipes "P MOREL jr" and "PIERRE MOREL" after his father passed. He also collaborated with Chacom for highgrade lines ("Grand Cru", "Millenium"...) until he retired in 2009. His personal production continues.

Other brand from this artisan: La Normandy

Pierre Morel Sr † 1979
Pierre Morel Sr.
Pierre Morel 2009
Pierre Morel Jr.


Brands with an encircled letter logo


(Left side) Morena
Altough this brand is rather common on the German market, its maker remains unknown.

Moretti Pipe Moretti - Italy - The great passion

Recanati Italy
Brands with wooden spot or disk logo

  Moretti, Recanati
The wooden spot is the regular stem logo on Moretti pipes.
Brands with 2 dots logo

  Moretti Recanati
Pipe carved about 1995 for Carlo Lodi, the president of the Pipa Club Italia.

Artisan: Marco Biagini
Moretti is the name of Marco's father-in-law, Igino Moretti.
Brand started 1968.
Pipes carved after 2005 have the "Recanati" stamping omitted.
Production (2007): ~ 1000 pipes/year
Production (2009): ~ 500 pipes/year

Gradings (ascending): δ (delta), δδ, δδδ, then δδδδ1, δδδδ2 and δδδδ collection

Marco Biagini

Moretti se lâche Moretti se lâche

Vis à vis Vis à vis


Recanati Italy
Brands with crown & letters logo

  Moretti, Recanati
The stem logo is faint but one can make out a crowned "M".
Brands with pipe logo

Brands with crown & letters logo

 (Left side)

Moretti, Recanati


Special Flamme, 1004

 The stem logo has the crowned M with a pipe.
Artisan: Igino Moretti (2005 †) who is Marco Biagini's father-in-law. Igino stamped his pipes with uppercase letters while Marco Biagini's are in script.



no logo on the stem


S M (incircled)

Artisan: Steve Morissette

Markings: the pipes are stamped with the maker's initials (M on S).

Grading: none

See also: Medici



no logo on the stem


J. Moritz, Handmade

Artisan: The first known pipes crafted by Jürgen Moritz are from 2004.
The pipes are not graded.


Brands with an encircled letter logo

  Morris, Shell, London, 25
Brands with an unique letter logo
 (Underside) Morris London 304


Åbenrå Denmark
The brand's name as logo

  [Emblem] Handarbeijde, Danmark
The emblem (Norse mythology) represents the hammer (Mjolnir) of Thor, the god of thunder.




(Left side)


(Right side)

London Made

A brand from the Oppenheimer group (BBB, Civic, Comoy, GBD, Loewe, Orlik) probably from Marechal, Ruchon Co Ltd. (factory in St Claude France, closed).

Moulin Rouge

England France
Brands with two letters logo

  Moulin Rouge, Matisse,

Made in France , 212

(Left side) Moulin Rouge, Renoir

(Right side) Made in London, England

A brand of Lane Ltd. (USA) according to "Who Made This Pipe" (Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.). Pipes were apparently of French or English origin with lines named after famous painters.


Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Mountbatten Admiral
(Right side) Made in London England


  Mountbatten, Made in England, 802


  Mountbatten, Made in England, 8320


: (Manifatture Pipe Brebbia) see Brebbia

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Milano Italy


MPC: Milano Pipe Club
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