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Pierre Morel at Saint Claude

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Pierre Morel junior (MOF)
The legendary one week beard of Pierre Morel junior  La bruyere au coeur ....


Birth of Pierre Morel junior.

He is the heir to 4 generations of artisans and pipe workers in St Claude. His father, Pierre Morel senior, was an independant pipe maker well reputed on the European scene.


He starts out in his father's workshop.


Pierre Morel senior brings his son to Denmark where he discovers Sixten Ivarsson's workshop.

1978 - 1988

Pierre works under an independant artisan statute. During this period the "Fleur" (Flower) shape which will became his speciality comes to full development.

Pierre Morel : "Fleur"
"Fleur" shape


First collaboration with Chacom: he carries out their "Grand Cru" series.


He leaves his independant artisan statute and enters as employee of the Chapuis-Comoy corporate.

▲ Pierre Morel's workshop in the very heart of Saint Claude (France)


"Meilleur Ouvrier de France" (MOF) (transl. "Best French Worker Award")


Retirement (as Chapuis-Comoy's employee).

Pierre Morel continues to produce pipes on his own. The pipes are maketed through his web site La bruyere au coeur ...


Collaboration with David Enrique (Alliance Pipes)


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