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The brand Chacom Chacom, créateur et distributeur de pipes turned up (1934) after fusion of Chapuis-Comoy with La Bruyère.

Yves Grenard (†2012), second cousin of Pierre Comoy headed the company from 1971. He was responsible for Chapuis Comoy's recovering its independance from Comoy. His son Antoine Grenard took over the direction of the company in 2007.

Chacom is a brand of Cuty-Fort Entreprises (Jeantet, Vuillard, Jean Lacroix, Ropp ...).


Yves Grenard
Yves Grenard †
Antoine Grenard 2008
Antoine Grenard 2008
The lines names are displayed in alphabetic order.

Cap Blanc

Brands with two letters logo

  Chacom, Cap Blanc




 (Left side) Chacom, Concorde
 (Right side) Chapuis Comoy, Made in St Claude (In circle) France
Note the similarity of the circular stamping "Made in St Claude France" with Comoy's "Made in London England".





(Left side) Chacom, Courbet
 (Right side) A la Pipe du Nord, 24 Bd Magenta
 (Underside 815
Brass logo reserved for some higher quality lines.
On the right side, the tobacconist's customized stampings.


Brands with two letters logo

Prevalent logo     Logo courant




 (Left side) Chacom, Prestige (Underside) 294
The spampings with a bold and tailed "C" seem to have been aimed for export Chacom pipes. (to be confirmed)


  Chacom Rocky, 118  
Logo: White CC on black background. "France" on bottom of stem.

Super Chacom

Brands with one bar logo
  Super Chacom, Nicolas, Lyon 709


Chacom, Synchro
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