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The Brebbia brand Brebbia Pipe is named after the locality of Bosco Grosso di Brebbia (Prov. Varese, Reg. Lombardia). A first corporate was founded by Enea Buzzi and Achille Savinelli in 1947. They split in 1953. Buzzi ketp the factory and created the MPB brand (Maniffatura Pipe Brebbia). After 1968 the brand was shortly called "Brebbia".

Luciano Buzzi son of Enea manages the company since the 1990s.

Enea Buzzi
Luciano Buzzi
Brebbia seconds: Cellini, Jceberg, Jumbo, Vincenzo Lombardi

Golden Gnome

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The gnome was the logo Brebbia used to put on its stems from 1953 to 1956.
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 (Left side) M.P.B.'s, Golden Gnome, Brebbia
(Underside) 6004
(Right side) [Gnome figure]
Pipe carved between 1956 and 1968


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  Brebbia, Sun, 6014
The gnome outline on the stem of this pipe is slightly different from the one on the "Golden Gnome" line.

Golden Natural

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 (Left side) Golden Natural, Bruyere garantie 
The script "B" stem logo occurs when the pipe was intended for Cellini


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  Brebbia Selected 798


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Brebbia Collection, Enea Buzzi (signature)


Hand carved real briar (in circle) [Hand]

[Gnome figure]

(Left side)

Brebbia [Enea Buzzi's signature]

(Right side)


Pura (In title block)

Hand Carved Real Briar (in circle) [Hand]

Pura Diagonale

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 (Left side) Brebbia (Right side) Pura, Diagonale, 831



 (Underside) Brebbia Italy 9104
Pipe produced before 1968 when Brebbia's logo changed from MPB (Manifatture Pipe Brebbia) to a simple diamond.

Silver Star

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  Silver Star, Brebbia 78
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 (Underside) M.P.B.s Silver Star, Brebbia Scelta Extra
(Underside) 602, Corsellini, Firenze [Gnome figure]
This pipe raises the question of the relations between Brebbia and Corsellini.



Brebbia Lido, Root Briar, Italy, 602
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(Underside) Brebbia Lido, Root Briar, Italy [Gnome figure] 9004



 (Underside) M.P.B. Lord Bebbia [Gnome figure] 141...
(Underside, near the stem) 4006, Italy


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 (Left side) Brebbia, Nikotex
 (Underside) SA (In Oval, 5x), Italy, 900
 (Right side) [Gnome]

Linea Roma

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  Brebbia, Linea Roma, Export, Made Italy



  Brebbia Iceberg Italy 800    See also Jceberg

Barbi Design


 (Left side) brebbia, Barbi design
 (Right side) Pura, Hand made in Italy
Pipe designed by Rainer Barbi for Brebbia
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