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Savinelli pipes by line name
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Achille Savinelli Sr. opened in Milano (1876) a store dedicated to smokers. In 1890 his son Carlo Savinelli succeeded him for about 50 years. The grandson of the founder, Achille Savinelli Jr. (1918-1987) in association with Enea Buzzi started pipe production in Brebbia. They split in 1953, Savinelli setting up its own factory in Molina di Barasso.

Giancarlo Savinelli (4th Savinelli's generation) is currently (2011) managing the company.

Achille Savinelli Junior
Giancarlo Savinelli

320 KS


Brands with 2 dots logo



[Shield] 320 KS Italy

This pipe doesn't bear any line name stamping.

Other two dots Savinelli pipes: Non Pareil, Gold

See also the 320 KS shape in a smooth finish (Siena lineor Erica Fiamma) and the 320 EX version (Hercules line).


Brands with crown logo


 (Underside) Savinelli (In oval) 4001
(Underside) [Shield] Italy

Note the 4 digits shape number corresponding to an early Savinelli production (see also Cadet or Capri).

Savinelli pipe with the same crown logo: Extra

Compare the different Savinelli crown logos.







[Shield] 67 Italy

Savinelli Product

Other green pipes: Peterson, Rainbow, Rattray's


Brands with star logo

  Antique,Shell, 128, Italy
Savinelli series with the same star logo: Savinelli Garda, Savinelli Oscar, Savinelli Sila




 Savinelli, Autograph, 3P, Italy
 (Left side) Savinelli, Autograph
Right side) [Signature]
(Underside) Italy, 4


 (Left side) Savinelli, Autograph
 (Right side) [Signature]   (Underside) 000 Italy
Autographs are hand made and unique.
Grading (ascending): 3, 4, ... 8, 0, 00, 000

Bings Favorite

Brands with pipe logo


 Bings favorite Savinelli Product
On the stem: a golf club looking like a pipe


Brands with shield logo

 (Left side) Savinelli (Arched) Bruna
  (Right side) [Shield] 660 KS, Italy
Compare the different Savinelli shields.


Brands with chevron logo

  Cadet, Savineli Italy
  (Underside) [Shield] 4003
This is an older serie: note the 4 digit shape number.
"Cadet" pipes from Savinelli have also been produced without any stampings refering to the Italian brand.


Brands with pipe logo

Brands with shield logo


Capri Root Briar

Savinelli Italy


This pipe has the early Savinelli 4 digit shape code. Notice also the way the 2 pipes cross in the upper part of the logo.
Brands with shield logo

 Savinelli Capri, Root Briar [Shield]
Compare the different Savinelli shield logos.

Capt Warren


 (Left side) Capt Warren

This Savinelli's line has the same name than the Ser Jacopo's insert pipes.

See also the "Captain Warren" brand.

 Mensonge par omission

 Poker de Savinelli


Brands with crown logo






 Champagne, [Shield] 207 Italy, Savinelli Product
Compare the different Savinelli crown logos.


Brands with shield logo

  Savinelli, Club
Compare the different Savinelli shields.




 (Underside) Savinelli, 1987, Italy
(On Locket) 1987, Collection

De Luxe

Brands with one bar logo


(Left side)

Savinelli, de luxe, Milano

(Right side)


506 Italy

(Underside, near the stem)


Other 506 model: Samanda


 De Luxe : Savinelli on transparent stem


(Left side)

Savinelli Doppio Filtro

(Right side)

[Savinelli Shield] 305 Italy

Pipe in three parts resembling Savinelli's "Long John" model or KB&B's "The Pickwick".

The "Doppio" pipe is fitted with a double 9mm filter system: one on the stem tenon and the second on the extension tenon. "Savinelli Patent" is engraved around the tenon (see enlarged view #3).

Doppio: English translation - Double -

Dry System



  Dry Sytem [Shield]
Brands with an unique letter logo


 (Underside) Savinelli (Arched) Dry System
 [Shield] 2320, Italy
The Dry System line may be stamped with a 3 or a 4 digits shape code. This is an exception to Savinelli's routine 3 digits shape code. (see shape chart document). In other words, a 4 digits "Dry System" pipe is not necessarily an early Savinelli pipe.
Same logo: Savinelli Siena
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