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Canadian Club

Brands with two letters logo

  Canadian Club, London Made, Made in London, England, 253
Maybe a Comoy's second


John Redman
Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Left side) Canberra    (Right side) Made in England, 273



no logo on the stem


― W Cannoy ―

― 042204 ―

― A 4 ―

Artisan: Walt Cannoy sold his first pipe in 1999.


The serial number denotes the date of completion for the pipe (ie: 042204 = April 22, 2004).

  • C - Smooth
  • A - Carved - Rusticated
  • J - Sandblast
  • M - Mixed Finish (ie: rusticated and sandblast, smooth and rusticated,...) 

Grading (ascending): from 1 to 6


Nashville (TN)  USA
Meerschaum pipes

The brand's name as logo

Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

 (Left side) I. Bekler
This solid block meerschaum pipe featering Sherlock Holmes was carved by Ismet Bekler, an artisan working in Eskisehir (Turkey). CAO ownes (2010) the exclusive rights to Bekler pipes in the USA.
Tim Ozgener 2010

The CAO company was founded in 1968 by Cano Ozgener. Scandinavian Tobacco Group acquired the corporate in 2010. Current President of CAO (2010): Tim Ozgener (son of Cano).

CAO was the US distributor for Europeans pipe brands like Preben Holm (from 1985) or Joura (Karl Heinz)

Ivanhoe Ivanhoe


The brand's name as logo

Brand with an architecture logo

(Left side) "Capitello", Gotico [2 capitals]
 (Right side) Artigianato, Italiano, Made in Italy
Artisans : Enzo Galluzzo who has been carver for Caminetto. When Luigi Radice and Guiseppe Ascorti split Galluzzo established Capitello (about 1982-83). He run the business with his partner Corrado Ripamonti until closing down in 1991.
Capitellos were the only Italian oil-cured pipes in the 1980s.


Brands with an unique letter logo


 (Left side) Capitol

(Right side) 53 Hand Made

According to Wilczak & Colwell (op. cit.) this label could be either from R M Littaur & Co (GB) or from KB&B (USA)

Captain Black

Une ancre énigmatiqueOrlik
Brands with anchor logo
 (Left side) Captain Black, Helmsman (Right side) Made in France
Regarding the Captain Black pipe makers, they were carved in both England and France. Pipes from the Helmsman line always were French made.
Une ancre énigmatique Une ancre énigmatique

Captain Browne

  Captain Browne, Olde English Favorite
Brands with two letters logo
Captain Browne Made in France

Captain Comfy

Brands with two letters logo

  Captain Comfy, Special
A brand of Simon Vuillard & Strauss (St Claude, France).
From the same maker: Kola, Vuillard, Windsor

Captain Fortune

John Redman
Brands with anchor logo
  (Left side) Captain Fortune, London Made

(Right side) Made in England, 38

 (On bottom) 199, Captain Fortune, London Made

Made in England

Captain Kidd

Brands with two letters logo


 (Left side) Captain Kidd, London Made
 (Right side) London England, Rum Matured, 857
Captain Kidd was probably a brand of A. Frankau & Co (Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.). A. Frankau & Co owned BBB.

Captain Patty

Brands with two letters logo
  Captain Patty, Lunel
Brands with two letters logo

 (Underside) Captain Patty, Erika, Made in France, 303
Probably an export brand of Jean Waille (Le Pipier de Lunel)

Captain Pete

(See Peterson)

Captain Stag

Brands with animal logo

  Captain Stag, De Luxe

Captain Warren

Brands with an unique letter logo


(Left side) Captain Warren

(Right side) Imported Briar, Italy

Captain Warren pipes have been made by Ser Jacopo or Savinelli. The origin of the piece above seems ambiguous.

See also: Savinelli's Capt Warren and Ser Jacopo's (in the articles opposite).


Brands with 2 dots logo

 (Underside) Fatta a Mano (Arched)

Carcano, Made in Italy, Fiammata

Artisan: Ettore (?) Carcano
Address (?): via IV novembre, 27
21026 Gavirate (VA)


Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Underside) Cardiff, Super, Old Briar
Brands with an encircled letter logo

  Cardiff Natural


(See Pierre Cardin)




 (Side 1) Carey, Magic Inch, Pat. No 9267941

(Side 2) Made in London, England



no logo on the stem

(Left side) ― B inside C, Sweden ―
All pipes are stamped “BC Sweden” and nothing else.


Brands with one bar logo

  Carlyle, London Made
Other Comoy's seconds with a one bar mouthpiece logo: Charles Cross, St James, The Golden Arrow, Town Hall, Trident


Roma  Italy
Brands with two letters logo

 (Side 1) Carmignani Roma

(Side 2) hand made

Artisan: Fritz Becker
Pipe carved for this tobacconist between 1970 and 1979 before Fritz Becker created his own brand.


Catalonia Spain
Brands with 2 dots logo

Logo and stamping from different pipes


Artisan: Carlos Royo i Porta (born 1955) started as pipemaker in 2007.

Production: ~ 30 pipes/year

Carlos Royo i Porta
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