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The brand's name as logo

 No stampings on the shank
Kemal Aktaş († 2005) is the founder of Aktas Meerschaum Co. The brand is now (2011) owned by Abdurrezzak Aktaş.
Address: AKTAŞOĞLU Ltd.
Beyazaltın Köyü Eskişehir (Turkey)


Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

No markings on the meerschaum
The Altinay Pipe Co Ltd. was founded in 1964 in Eskişehir (Turkey)


Altinok Pipe
Brands with an encircled letter logo

 No markings on the bowl
Artisan: Sinan A. Altinok in Ankara
Sinan Altinok



no logo on the stem

 no markings on the pipe

(On the case) ― Made in Austria ―◊ ◊― Finest Culured Amber ―

In enlarged picture #1: "Finest Cultured Amber" means amberoid or acrilic mouthpiece.

In enlarged picture #2: Delrin push tenon (see the comments on the brand)

More infos about this brand...

Nashville (TN)  USA
 (Left side) I. Bekler
This solid block meerschaum pipe featering Sherlock Holmes was carved by Ismet Bekler, an artisan working in Eskisehir (Turkey). CAO ownes the exclusive rights to Bekler pipes in the USA.
Ivanhoe Ivanhoe


  20, Genuine Block, Meerschaum
Elephant on one side of the stem, "Tanganyika" on the other.
A brand of Tanganyika Meerschaum Corporation from Amboseli Pipes. (J.M. Lopes, op. cit.


 1920 - 1930
On bottom of the case
PAT.N° 141486/19

On top of the case
No markings on the pipe.
On the side of the case
The top (winged helm) is a screw-in bowl. The pipe is displayed in a patented case.
The patent 141486/19 has been granted in 1920 for the design of the ventilated case. The vents on the case and the removable bowl may be observed on the enlarged views.
• Value (Estate): 677.30 US $ • 501.00 €
  • Vercingetorix as seen by... Dunhill (briar pipe)
England France
Brands with several letters logo

(Left side) Genuine Block Meerschaum

(Underside) 9438

(On stem) Tanzania

This leather wrapped meerschaum pipe illustrates GBD's collaboration with the Tanganyika Meerschaum Corporation and French leather artisans in the 1970s.




(Inside case) Ludwig Hartmann [Eagle] & Eidam Wien

Meerschaum pipe fitted with a 14 Kt gold band.

N.B.: Eidam (plur. Die Eidame) is a (obsolete) German word meaning "Son-in-law".

Ludwig Hartmann was founded in 1829 and their meerschaum pipes were quite renowned considering they received the "Medaille de 1ere classe" at the Exposition Universelle, 1867 in Paris.

 No markings on the shank.

Period: 1958 - 1968

Twin bowl model. Meerschaum pipe with two screew-in and interchangeable bowls made of meerschaum too.


Isle of Man United Kingdom


 (On the bottom of the stem) Great Britain
 (On bottom of mouthpiece) Great Britain
A brand of MANXMAN PIPES Ltd, The Quay, Old Laxey, Isle of Man, British Isles.
The meerschaum used for these pipes usualy was of Tanzanian origine (like Kiko or Twiga pipes).
See also: Manx Meerschaum, Pioneer

Manx Meerschaum

Isle of Man United Kingdom

 (On band)

Millenium of Tynwald


  Manxland Blockmeerschaum, Great Britain, 867
Laxey Pipe Factory (closed in 2002).
Other brands from the factory: "Manxpipe", "Manxman", "Manxland".
See also: Man Pipes
 Meerschaum pipe. No markings on the shank. (On the ferrule) NØRDING
This pipe is an example of the meerschaum pipes Nørding has distributed and which were mostly crafted by the MANXMAN PIPES Ltd (Man, Manx Meerschaum) .
Production (2002): 50,000 pipes/year
See also: Son, Eriksen, Kriswill
Erik Nørding
Pipe aviaire Pipe aviaire


Denver (CO)  USA

no logo on the stem

 No markings on the pipe

Paykoc Imports started as a small Turkish meerschaum pipe retailer in Denver, Colorado. This merchant retailer has since expanded his inventory offering also briar pipes and products from around the world.


 (On band) K&P Sterling Siver, Peterson Dublin

No markings on the bowl

The stem of this meerschaum pipe is horn and it constitutes a rare example of a P-Lip carved into this material.
The band on the pipe is sterling silver not validated by hallmarks making thus this pipe impossible to date.

Given the similarity of their "P" stem logos, do not confuse Peterson's Meerschaum pipes with Pioneer's (if the logo occurs).


England USA
Brands with an unique letter logo

  Genuine Block Meerschaum, 240, Pioneer
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Right side) Block, Meerschaum

Probably a brand of Pioneer Pipes Co. Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. mention pipes with this label from Duncan Briars Ltd, Oppenheimer Pipes or Delacour Brothers.

Pioneer used to import meerschaum pipes from the MANXMAN PIPES Ltd factory (Isle of Man, UK) as shown by the markings of this pipe. (See "Man")

Do not confuse the Pioneer "P" logo with the one which may occur on Peterson's Meerschaum pipes.

S. Yanik

The brand's name as logo


(Stem underside) S. Yanik No markings on the meerschaum
Artisan: Sadik Yanik


SMS Pipes - Smoking Pipe
The brand's name as logo

 No stampings on the meerschaum
Import brand for Turkish made meerschaum pipes. The corporate was founded in 1980 by Samil Sermet and his wife, Beth.

no logo on the stem

 (Inside lid of the case)

J. B. Vinche

85, rue du Marché aux Herbes


(On the edge of the case)



Though impossible to be precisely dated, this pipe might be estimated prior to WWII given the address of the former shop stamped inside the case lid.

(1) Transl: "Patented supplier of H.R.H. The Prince Albert of Belgium"

"Prince Albert" is one of the titles of Albert I, king of the Belgians from 1909 to 1934. (See enlarged view #3).

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