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Fiamma di Re

Brands with crown logo

  Fiamma di re, fiammata due corone, pesaro maxima
Brand created by Giannino Spadoni, pipemaker in Pesaro, Italy. He crafted the Fiamma di Re pipes until 1990, when he closed his workshop.

Fikri Baki

Meerschaum pipes

The brand's name as logo

Meerschaum pipes

No markings on the meerschaum.
Other block meerschaum pipes on this site: Altinok, CAO, Fikri Baki, Man, Manx Meerschaum, Nørding, Pioneer, SMS,


Přemyšl Poland
Brands with wooden spot or disk logo

  R. Filar, 195
Brands with an encircled letter logo
Artisan: Ryszard Filar
Ryszard Filar and Ryszard Kulpinski worked together from 1981 to 1983. The "old polish master" also recieved (1985-86) Bartolomjiej Antoniewski in his workshop.
Ryszard Filar



no logo on the stem


― Fillenwarth ―

― H 12―

Artisan: Tony Fillenwarth has been making pipes since 2002.




(Left side) Filto, Burgaw. N.C., Pat. Made in U.S.A.
The patent by Robert L. Smith dates from 1965. The bowl and stem came in a great variety of colours.
The tenon has a spring clip to hold the filter.
The spring


Rome Italy
Brands with one red dot logo

Brands with an encircled letter logo


Fincato Roma

Fine Briar

The tobacco shop run by Emilia Fincato opened in 1932. Her husband, Carmilio worked as tailor upstairs. In the 1960s the business was taken over by the cousins Fausto Fincato and Bruno Baggio who converted the sewing workshop into a smoker lounge. Sandro Pertini, Président of the Italian Républic hauted the place. Emiliano Fincato, Fausto's son, manages the business today (2013).
Fausto Fincato
Fausto Fincato


The brand's name as logo

 (Left side) Finsbury, Imported Briar
According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. this brand could be either from Finsbury Products, Harrison, NY (USA) or from Oppenheimer Pipes Ltd. (GB / FR).


Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Fireside
  (Right side) Genuine Leather, Imported Briar, Made in Belgium
Leather covered pipes crafted at Hilson's factory.
Brand with an architecture logo

 (Left side) Old Dutch, Fireside, de Luxe
(Right side) Algerian Briar, France
Other windmill logo: Montmartre
Brands with several letters logo

  The, Fireside, Pipe
Pipes of this brand have been manufactured in different countries among which Belgium, Denmark and France


England Italy
The brand's name as logo

  Paronellil    Axial oriented markings on the stem
Carved by Firex for Paronelli


  London, Real Briar  Transversal oriented markings on the stem


Buffalo, NY  USA
Brands with several letters logo
  Fischer Royal
Store closed in 1978. Former adress:
House of Fischer
1722 Boston Ridge Road
Orchard Park, NY


Schaffhausen  Switzerland
Brands with an unique letter logo

Artisan: Peter Fischer (1949 - )
Production: ~150 pipes/year


Brands with an unique letter logo

(Left side) Fitzgibbon, Limerick

(Right side) Made in England

Five Stars

Brands with star logo


(Left side) Five Stars, Senior, Made in France

(Right side) 230

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