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 London England




BARBIC # 459 Bartlett & Bickley, Piccadily, London


US Kaywoodie


  Bentley, Real Briar
The original boxes coming along with these Bentley pipes seem to testify to a Kaywoodie second.
See also: Willmer's Bentley pipe line, Bentley Former's danish brand






  Blatter Bros (gothic), Make, Montreal, Selected, 51.77
Blatter & Blatter Inc.
Pipemakers since 1907
Artisan: Robert Blatter

La pipe d'exception chez Blatter La pipe d'exception chez Blatter

Time line








 (Left side) Comfort, Finest Briar    (Right side) Foreign
Saint Claude  France


  Corsica, Giants, 60601
Corsica is a brand of Henri Vuillard (Saint Claude) not to be confused with E. Vuillard & Cie (Saint Claude)
Baiser le cul de Fanny Baiser le cul de Fanny
France England



 (Left side) Dr Plumb, Regular
  (Right side London / St Claude, 711
Brand created in 1925 in Saint-Claude (France). The Dr Plumb production was run by the Ruchon & Verguet and also Ropp factories (Saint-Claude).
The brand now belongs to the English Cadogan group.
Archétype de la forme Cavalier Archétype de la forme Cavalier


Rome Italy



Gregg Peevey

Tennessee  USA
 (Underside) G. Peevey, Apr.17.03
   (Underside) A5 (in circle) HT & HW

Haddon Hall



  Haddon Hall, De Luxe, Made in London, England, 36
The dot on the stem may be discolorated since pipes of this brand display red dots too.


 (Left side) Aladdin, LHS (in Diamond)
(Bottom right side) LHS (In diamond) Sculpured Purex

Lord Hamilton

 (On top) Lord Hamilton







(On top of the shank) PENN
According to Wilczak & Colwell (op. cit.) PENN would be a English brand by Albert Pengally Ltd (or "Pengelly").


Pimperel, Red

55 R


 (Left side) Portland, Bruyere Garantie  (Underside) Italy
Although this pipe was crafted in Italy, Wilczak & Colwell (op. cit.) and J.M. Lopes (op. cit.) both refer to an English origin of this brand: Portland Pipe Co. After closing down of this company Barling produced some of its brands.
See also Portland by BB&S



  Premier, Superb
A brand of Reiss-Premier Corp.
Second or sub-brands: Berkshire, Chester, Fremont
See also: Devonshire
 (On top) NCLR (in oval)
Alternative nomenclatures:
Raganella, La Raganella, Non Canta La Raganella, NCRL
See also: Anselmi (Adriano)


 (Left side) Ser Jacopo, Fatta a Mano, in Italia
  (Right side) Per Aspera ad Astra
  (Underside) 12 (in circle)
 Coral dot (Corallium rubrum). This is a former logo discontinued in the 80ties.

The color of the coral may vary.




  Trafalgar, Special Briar
According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. this brand could be a Charatan or a Butz-Choquin sub-brand. The second possibility seems improbable: a French maker wouldn't name a pipe after such a French defeat.
 (Underside) Tsuge Yamato, 501, Hand Made in Japan
Tsuge Pipe Company Ltd.
The company was founded by Kyoichiro Tsuge (1910 - Nov 2010 †). The traditional classic shape pipes are machine-made. The Ikebana line is hand-made.




  Universale, Brevettata, Superigienica, 3
 (Top side) Super Delicous
(Under side) Wally Frank, LTD.
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