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Verona  Italy
Brands with star logo

Brands with ring logo

  Frabenver, Old Briar
Brands with an encircled letter logo

(Left side) Frabenver, Superfiamma
(Right side) Benzon-Italia
Brands with an encircled letter logo

(Top side) Frabenver, Vera Radica

(Underside) Benzon Italia

Acronym for: FRAtelli BENzon VERona
See also: Benzon

Francis A. Rose

Culver (CA) USA
Brands with one bar logo

  Francis A Rose
Brands with one bar logo

  Francis A Rose, 7 C 2
Brands with star logo

  Frank, Broken In
 (Left side) Frank, Trade Mark
   (Right side) No Falt, Pat. Nov. 23'00
Pipe with a hinged lid acting as a bowl.

Frank Pfeifen

Frank Pipes - Eingangsseite
  F (In circle) F stands for "Frank"
Artisan: Frank Stollenwerk (born 1977) a pupil of Rainer Barbi


Preben Holm

no logo on the stem


― Frasorteret ―

― Hand Made in Denmark ―



no logo on the stem


― Handmade ―

― Denmark ―

― N F (Inside pipe symbol)

Artisan: Nils Frederiksen (born 1953) was initially a wood turner. He started making pipes in 1992 and was tutored by Tom Eltang.


Brands with 2 dots logo

 (Underside) 33, P (In diamond), Fremont, Italian Briar
A brand of Reiss-Premier Co


Brands with one blue or green dot logo

(Left side) Freshman
(On top near stem) Made in France


Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

 (Left side) M. J. Frey, 1983, U.S.A.
  M J Frey, 1287 USA
  Early nomenclature stampings
Artisan: Michael J. Frey (stopped activity)
Logo: Ivory and brass oval

Fribourg & Treyer

London  England
Brands with several letters logo

  F&T (In diamond) Sans égal
    Fribourg & Treyer, London 
Brands with more than 4 dots logo


  F&T (In diamond), Shipmate, Made in England, X49
Pipe of the Hurricane type.
Other brands having manufactured pipes of this type:



no logo on the stem

 (Right side)

― Handcut By Holger ―

[Viking helmet] Danske Pibe ―

Artisan: Holger Frickert manages with Heiko Behrens the "Dan Pipe Cigar & Company" in Lauenburg (GE). Holger started to craft his own pipes in 1984.

See also: Holmer Knudsen, Bentley


Vienna Austria
Brands with one dot logo


(Left side)

[Man smoking a pipe]


Wien Am Hof, 4

Due to the way this pipe is crafted it could be from the 1930s. Probably a private tobacconist's label in Vienna.

The "Am Hof" square is the largest and oldest square in the inner city of Vienna, Austria.


Brands with person logo

Artisan: Federico Giorio carves pipes as a hobby
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