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Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

  Cosmopolitan, Imported Briar
Similar logo: Claridge




 (Underside) Coulsshaw, Rum-Matured
PAT APPN. N° 98345.U.S.A.

(Underside) Made in England, 509

Rum barrel logo
A brand of the British Pipe Co.

Country Club

Brands with shield logo
  Country Club London made, Made in England 9465
See: Town Club , Royale


Meerschaum pipes

Brands with animal logo

  20, Genuine Block, Meerschaum
Elephant on one side of the stem, "Tanganyika" on the other.
A brand of Tanganyika Meerschaum Corporation from Amboseli Pipes. (J.M. Lopes, op. cit.
See also: GBD, Kiko, Kikob, Kilimanjaro, Kudu, Twiga, Merlin, Sportsman,


Cogolin,pipes Ch.Courrieu, golfe de saint Tropez
Brands with animal logo

  Vieille Bruyere, Courrieu, Cogolin
Ulysse Courrieu started carving pipes in Cogolin in 1802. Courrieu certainly is the oldest french briar pipe factory. The family corporate is managed (2009) by René Salvestrini who married a Courrieu daughter.

Le coq est mort Le coq est mort

Coup de bambou Coup de bambou


Hawaii  USA

no logo on the stem


― Joseph Crable 6/01 ―

Artisan: Joseph Crable carved his first pipe in 1999 and started to sell them in 2000. In 2006 he stoped pipe carving to devote himself entirely to his main occupation as firefighter.
Brands with ring logo

  Craft Briar
According to Michael Lindner, "Craft Briar" was an early label used by Julius Vesz.




 (Underside) 512, Cragmoor, London made, Made in England (Arched)
See also: BB&S
According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit. this brand was supposed to be marketed by Britannia (?)



no logo on the stem


― Crawford, USA ―

― Handmade ―

Artisan: Jerry Crawford began  making pipes full time in January 2012 . 



no logo on the stem


― Creative Custom crafted ―

― 1 (?) 20 I3 ―

Artisan: when Al Perkowski was a wood model maker, he crafted pipes for friends and pipe shops in his area. This part time activity depended strongly from his professional obligations until he retired. From this date on he devoted himself entirely to freehand pipes.

Markings: The first two numbers are the year the pipe was made and the last three numbers refer to the number of the pipe made that year.


(see Thomas Cristiano)


Mantova  Italy

(Left underside)

Croci Croci

Hand Made


(Right underside)

Mantova Italy


The nomenclature of this pipe differs from the one usualy stamped on Croci pipes. It's a nomenclature used in the early of Croci production (1982-83) when the trademark “Pipa Croci” was not yet registered.
Brands with one bar logo


 (Left side)

Pipa Croci, Fatta a mano, Mantova Italia, dal 1983

(Right side)

[Emblem in oval] .True.I.

Brands with one bar logo

Brands with 2 dots logo

 (Left side) dal 1988, Pipa Croci, Fatta a mano, Mantova, Italia

(Right side) [Emblem in oval] .True.I.


 (Left side)

Pipa Croci, Fatta a mano, Mantova, Italia

[Emblem in oval]

(Right side)


Artisans: Paolo & Gianni
Grading (ascending): Pipa Croci, Amica, True, True I, Quality Street, Starlight, Golden Flame.

Production (2007): ~ 3000 pipes/year

Pipa Croci is part of the Molina Group (2012)


Comoy (1)


  Cromwell, Genuine Briar
(1) According to Wilczak & Colwell, op. cit.


Brands with crown logo

 (Bottom) Crown, 300, 9 m/m, Hand Made in Denmark


  Crown Viking, Hand made, in, Denmark
Grading (ascending): Viking, 200, 300, Collector

Crown of England

Brands with crown logo

  Crown of England
Brands with crown logo

 (Left side) Crown of England
 (Right side) Made in England

 (Left side)

[Five crowns]

(Right side)

Made in England

"Crown of England" may be a brand of H. Perkins & Sons Ltd. which produced a line with the same name.



(On top)



By Luigi Crugnola


Luigi Crugnola is the owner of the GIGI brand

Curt Rollar

Brands with star logo

  American, Reg. No. 0183/CR6 (01=January, 83=1983, CR= Curt Rollar)
Mark Tinsky and Curt Rollar formed The American Smoking Pipe Co. in 1978. Curt Rollar left the company in 1990.


Brands with one dot logo

 (Left side) A. Curts
 (Underside) 5
Artisan: "Arley" Curtz, Utah (USA)
The stems of the A. Curts pipes are also marked with 2 dots (a red and a white).


Brands with 2 dots logo


  Custom-Bilt [Star]   One dot of each side of the mouthpiece
Some Custom-Bilt pipes sport a special stamping on the underside of the shank near the stem: a square, a circle, a moon or a star.

Chunky bowls with rough carving or gouges.

Tracy Mincer stopped making Custom-Bilt pipes in the early 1950s. The trademark was successively bought by Leonard Rodgers (1953), Consolidated Cigars (1968) and Wally Frank Co. (early 1970s). The later began to produce again his version of the pipe in 1974 or 1975 at Weber pipe factory (NJ). In 1987, the pipes were made out of the Butz-Choquin factory (France) and then Mexico until the late 1990s. Currently (2010), the Custombilt name is owned by Tobacalera of Spain which is part of Altadis.

It is generally admitted (but not proved) pipes stamped "Custom - Bilt" (with the hyphen) are from the Mincer era. The name might have changed from Custom-Bilt to Custombilt (without the hyphen) in 1946.

For more information about Tracy Mincer see: Tracy Mincer, The Doodler, Holeysmoke.




(Left side) Cyclone (Arched) De Luxe (Right side) Made in England

The maker behind this label is unknown.

Other brands have crafted or distributed Hurricane type pipes stamped with their own name among which:

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