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6 dots


  F&T (In diamond), Shipmate, Made in England, X49
Pipe of the Hurricane type.
Other brands having manufactured pipes of this type:
London England
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 (Left underside) Sasieni (Fish-tail script) "Grosvenor" London Made, Made in England (curved) Pat. No. 1513428  
Pre-transition period 1927 - 1939  , Duplicated four dot.




Transition period, Double Three dot, Lucite stem, 1979 - 1986
  Superb Six, London made by Sasieni, Made in England      3 dots on top of stem, 3 dots on bottom.
This serie is probably from the same period when Sasieni made "The Perfect Ten". Same lucite stem, same stamping style.
See also: other Sasieni transition pipes


 Transition period, Double five dot, Lucite stem, 1979 - 1986
  ◊ (Side 1) Perfect ten, London Made by Sasieni, (Side 2) Made In England (oval shape) 38 ◊
Five dots on each side of the stem.
(In "Rare Smoke" Op. cit. p. 110)
Perfect Ten : le record Perfect Ten : le record


 Transition period, 1979 ,  Double 4 dot
(Left side) Specialy Selected (Arched) By, Sasieni (in old style fish tail script)
(Right side) Made in England (in oval) LE 4
Pipes from this limited edition (1979) shouldn't be confused with double side four dots from the pre-transition period (1927 - 1939).


Post transition era, "5 dot", (2001 - ...)
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