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Nob Hill

Brands with an unique letter logo


(See Heinz Nolte)

Non Canta La Raganella

(See: Raganella)



no logo on the stem


(Left side)

― BQK 2006 (Bonner Qualmköppe)


― H N (monogram)

― Handmade ―

Pipe of the year 2006 for the "Bonner Qualmköppe" (Pipe Club in Bonn)

no logo on the stem



― C ―

― 1202 ―

― H N (monogram)

― Handmade ―

Artisan: Heiner Nonnenbroich (Born in 1953) makes pipes since 2002.


(see Bo Nordh)


 (Underside) Aristokrat, Extra, Handmade by Erik Nørding


  (Underside)  1, Hunter, Handmade, by, Erik Nørding
  Nørding, Made in Denmark (In circle), 13
Meerschaum pipes

 Meerschaum pipe. No markings on the shank. (On the ferrule) NØRDING
This pipe is an example of the meerschaum pipes Nørding has distributed and which were mostly crafted by the MANXMAN PIPES Ltd (Man, Manx Meerschaum) .
Brands with an unique letter logo
 Limited Edition
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Underside) 3, Hand Made, Erik Nørding
Production (2002): 50,000 pipes/year
See also: Aalbørg, Son, Eriksen, Kriswill
Erik Nørding
Pipe aviaire Pipe aviaire


Brands with one bar logo

 (Left side) Nordström
 (Underside) ◊ L'Arte del, Maestro Federici [Emblem] S1 ◊
Export brand


Brands with an unique letter logo


Brands with an encircled letter logo


 (Left side) Norrøna
(Right side)   Mesna, Lillehammer
(Underside) 1255
A private label of the Norwegian outdoor clothing and sports gear brand established since 1929. Mesna is a line name for pipes crafted by Lillehammer.

North Dane Pipes

Brands with anchor logo

 (Underside) North Dane Pipes, Made in Denmark
A second brand of Georg Jensen

Northern Briar

 Stockport England
Brands with ring logo

  Northern Briars, "Regal

Made in England

Brand founded in 1958.

Current owner: Ian Walker who lives and has his workshop on a 90 foot River boat that he moves periodically around England.

Artisan: Ian Walker

Ian Walker 2010
Grading (ascending): REGAL, PREMIER


  Norup, Handmade Denmark, Pipes
Artisan: Lars Christensen (retired) is one of the pipemakers who worked for Anne Julie. He recieved the ebauchons and had to realize the pipes including the red/white dot on the stems. Anne Julie stamped the pipes and Lars was paid about ... 30$ /pipe.
Lars Christensen


The brand's name as logo


Rome Italy
Brands with an unique letter logo
Private label of the "pens & pipes" shop.
Owner of the shop (2008): Marco Parascenzo.
Address: Regali Novelli,
Via di San Marcello, 21/22
00187 Roma ITALY


The brand's name as logo

(Left side)

Nu-Old, London Made

(Right side)

Made in England, 016

the NU-OLD brand was retailed by Wally Frank stores in the 1960’s.

See also NU-OLD as one of Civic's lines.

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