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 (Left side)

SKAPI n° 7

Hand Polished

(Right side)

Made in Sweden

SKAPI is a contraction of SKAndinaviska PIpfabriken


Brands with pipe logo

Brands with person logo

 (Left side) Skippy, Bruyère Garantie  (Right side) Spécial, 5022
Pipe manufactured in France for an unknown third party.


Philmont, NY USA
Brands with 2 dots logo

Logo and stamping from different pipes

(Underside) Skoda Pipes (in oval)

Artisan: Joe Skoda started making my pipes in the spring of 1997.

Joe Skoda 2012

Stampings: a four digits number indicates the year (2 digits) and the sequence in which the pipe was made.

Top grade pipes are stamped with a combination of the Alpha or Omega symbols with a latin letter.



no logo on the stem

(Underside) [Lion] Lasse, Skovgaard, Handmade ―
Pipe stamped with the lion, the hightest grade.


(Underside) ― 3, Skovgaard, Handmade ―
Artisan: Lasse Skovgaard Jørgensen (born 1983) is the son of Bennie Jørgensen.
Production (2006): ~ 400 pipes/year
Grading (ascending): 1, 2, 3 and lion

Smoke & Snuff

Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Upper side) Smoke & Snuff, Florida, Filter Pipe
  (Underside) Imported Briar, Italy
Private brand and name of a tobacco products wholesaler essentialy in Florida (USA). Shops in Orlando, Ocala, St Petersburg ...


  Smokecraft (In oval) Rippie, 1
     Made in England


Losange, Diamond
  SmokeMaster BARD, Imported Briar


  Smokemaster, Series 200, Imported Briar
Losange, Diamond

(Left side)

SmokeMaster Serie 100

(Right side)

Imported Birar

See the unique filter system (enlarged views): an sloted tube and a folded pipe cleaner stuck in 2 special holes in the tenon.

This curiosity has been invented in 1934 and the patent (US Patent 2166537) granted in 1939.

13: Tenon
16: Sloted tube
17: Folded pipe cleaner
 (Left side) B (in diamond) SMOKEMASTER (Underside) Imported Briar
Brands with an unique letter logo
 (Side 1) B (in diamond) SMOKEMASTER CUSTOM MADE
  (Bottom) Aged Imported Briar
   (Side 2) PAT:2.166.537 71
Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) ◊ Custom, [B in diamond] Smokemaster, Made ◊
(Underside) Aged Imported Briar

Smoker Friendly

Smoker Friendly
Brands with two letters logo

  Smoker Friendly, Italy
Private label of the "Smoker Friendly" tobacconist chain. (About 600 shops all over the USA in 2008)

Smoker's Pride

Brands with pipe logo

 (Left side) Smoker's Pride, DeLux (Right side) Imported Briar
A brand by Lane Ltd group.

Smokers Emporium

Brands with an unique letter logo

 (Left side) Smokers Emporium
  (Right side) Made in London, England, 208


John Redman
Brands with an encircled letter logo

(On top) Smokewell, Grain


SMS Pipes - Smoking Pipe
Meerschaum pipes

The brand's name as logo

 No stampings on the meerschaum
Import brand for Turkish made meerschaum pipes. The corporate was founded in 1980 by Samil Sermet and his wife, Beth.
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