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In 1931, Max Schwab (born Feb 5, 1899 in Köln GE) had to flee from Germany where his family was involved in pipe making since three generations. He settled down in Uddevalla and immediately established a workshop in a cellar. The Skandinaviska Pipfabriken (SKAPI) was born. The business moves in 1936 at Packhusgatan and prospers so well that Max Schwab plans in 1945 to build a factory at Karl Gustavsgatan, a street leading into Strömstadsvägen.
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Max Schwab had a avant-garde vision for his corporate in the social field: well before the war employees of the Skandinaviska Pipfabriken took advantage of the 5 days week, annual paid leave and Christmas holidays.

The SKAPI factory had 80 employees in 1947 and had produced a million pipes that year. On October 18 as the business was at its peak Max Schwab passed away after a heart attack.

SKAPI survived this ordeal, but at last international competition got the better of the corporate in 1974.

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Skandinaviska Pipfabriken mainly produced pipes with briar bowls and straight ebonit mouthpieces, exceptionally amber or horn. During the second world war however when briar supply was difficult or even impossible, the Mediterranean burl was replaced by birch wood.
Pipe of the SKAPEX line numbered "1" with the characteristic threaded bowl screwed into a ebonite holder/shank.
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