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Brands with ring logo

  Broadcaster, Selected Briar
Brand of the Penn Tobacco Company. The pipes were manufactured for Penn by Henry Leonard & Thomas
See also: Bruce Peters, Vox Pop, Royalton


Losange, Diamond

 (Underside) Bromage, County, P220 (On stem) : B in diamond
A brand of A. Bromage & Co Ltd


Brands with animal logo

Brands with pipe logo

  Bromma, Sweden       Logo : "DOLLAR" over elephant on pipe.

A brand of the Scandinaviska Pipfabriken.

Probably from same workshop: Harlekin, Dollar


see BBK

Bruce Peters

Brands with ring  logo
  Bruce Peters, Imported Briar

Brand of the Penn Tobacco Company formed in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania in 1901 by Russell Uhl († 1914) and Henry Weigand († 1942). Bruce Peters was a Treasurer of the company.

There were four pipes in the line offered by the company: the Bruce Peters (top of the line), the Silver Mac Duff, the Vox Pop, and the Broadcaster. The pipes were manufactured for Penn by Henry Leonard & Thomas, manufacturers of Dr. Grabow pre-smoked pipes.

These pipes could only be purchased as promotional items using coupons from the company's tobaccos.


Brands with one dot logo

  Brughiera, Vera Radica

Silver spot on the stem.

Brughiera: translation (IT): Briar


Sucesores de Emilio Navarro, S.L
Aldaya, Valencia  Spain
Brands with an encircled letter logo

 (Left side) Bruken (In oval), Calidad Extra  (Right side) Diseño, Toni Pascual
 (Left side) Bruken
The brand's name as logo
Leather wraped pipe.

Brand created 1914 by Emilio Navarro. The name for Briar in Valencian dialect is Bruc. Emilio replaced the "C" by a "K" and added his own intials EN to form one of the most significant names in the Spanish pipe business. Today (2010) his grandson Emilio Navarro Prosper heads the business which produces finished and half-finished bowls for sale by brands like Peterson (among others).

Bruken, pipas en España Bruken, pipas en España

En décolleté En décolleté

Production: ~20000 pipes/year

See also: ENA , Bamboo Briar

Emilio Navarro Prosper
Emilio Navarro Folgado founder of Bruken



no logo on the stem


― C Brunton ―

― C 10 ―

Artisan: Christopher Brunton started to market his pipes in 2008 when he still stayed in Austria. Moving back to US (Carmichael CA) he established as a full time carver in late 2008.

Markings: a "C" and a 2 digit number for the year of manufacture. More recently (2010?) a signature.


Brands with an encircled letter logo

  "Bruxo", Bruyere


St Claude
Brands with animal logo

  Bruyere St Claude
This is actually a no-name pipe but I couldn't resist featuring the rare butterfly logo decorating its stem.


  Bryson D120275

Brand of the Briarwood Corporation, Palo Alto, California. The interchangeable bowls were made of ground Briar, the powder being agglomerated under very hight pressure without glue or heat.

More Bryson infos here: Smoking Metal

Others metal pipes logos & markings: Falcon, Kaywoodie Filter Pipe , Kaywoodie Filter plus, Ornsby


John Redman
Brands with an unique letter logo


(Left side) Buckingham, London Made

(Right side) England

Buckingham Palace

Brands with two letters logo

  Buckingham Palace, Made in England
Probably a brand of John Redman Ltd


Brands with a vegetal logo

  Bucko, Imported Briar


Corn cob pipes




Missouri Pipes U.S.A.

Washington MO

Pipes made of misc. woods



Buescher's (Arched)

Sweet Hickory Pipes

Washington Missouri

One of Buescher's Hickory wood pipe. The bowl of this pipe follows the shape of some corn cob models.
Buescher's Industries was founded in 1939 in Washington (MO) and was probably a subsidiary of Missouri Meerschaum Co. (M.M.) because George Buescher was elected chairman of M.M. in 1941. The factory at Walnut and Eighth Streets produced corn cob (~15000 pipes/day), Hickory and Cherrywood pipes. It closed down in early 1990s.


Edward F. : see Connoisseur


(see Werner Bürmann)


Houston, TX  USA
The brand's name as logo

  Butera, Textured Classic, 4stars
This pipe was carved in the mid 1980's. During this early period the artisan used to emboss a signature on the stem.
Golden dot           

(Left underside)

Prima Vera, 528, B (encircled)

M Butera (signature)

Butera, Vintage Classic, Special

Artisan: Mike Butera started making pipes in the early 1980s and attended his first pipe show as pipemaker in 1985. But his responsibilities at the head of a large tobacco distribution company kept him more and more out of the workshop since 2005.

Production 1997: ~150 pipes/year

Production 2007: a few pipes/year

Mike Butera

Buth Royal

Brands with two letters logo

  Buth Royal, 9442   Logo: U over B


England France Germany
Brands with an unique letter logo

  British Buttner Pipe, Patent
    Scotland (on the bottom of the stem)


  Pipe Buttner , Brevete, SGDG
The brand's name as logo

 (Underside) Büttner Pipe, patent
 (Left side) Buttner Pipe  
(Right side) Germany
(On stem) BÜTTNER (With umlaut)
The Buttner bakelite pipes were fitted with a removable porcelain insert. The brand was distributed with separate patents in Great Britain Germany and France (see stampings above).
La pipe qui a fait trembler St Claude La pipe qui a fait trembler St Claude



Brands with an unique letter logo


Former artisan: Colin Byford

Brand now owned by Orlik

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