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P. Mercier

Brands with two letters logo

P.G.C. Hajenius

Meet at Hajenius
Amsterdam Netherlands
Brands with one blue or green dot logo

P.G.C. HAJENIUS, Amsterdam, Bluespot
House brand of the amsterdamer tobacconist. The rear area of the shop makes a place for a tobacco museum and library, along with a lounge where customers can order drinks and relax with their favorite smoke.
Address: Rokin 92-96 1012 KZ Amsterdam


The brand's name as logo

(Left side) PAF, Rustique (Near the stem) Old Briar, 68200


Brands with an unique letter logo

Pall Mall

Brands with one blue or green dot logo


(Left side in diamond)

Finest, Pall - Mall, Bruyere

(Right side)

Made in


The dot on the stem is supposed to be light blue.
Pall Mall is a street in the City of Westminster, London renowned for being the home to various gentlemen's clubs and specialy the Diogenes Club a fictional club created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Phileas Fogg ("Around the World in Eighty Days" J. Vernes) was member of the Reform Club in the same street.



no logo on the stem

(Left side)

FP 98 [Pipe symbol] (In oval)


[2 LEAVES] Roma (In title block)

(Right side)

Hand Made Paolucci

Brands with a vegetal logo

(Top left side)

FP 98 [Pipe symbol] (In oval)

(Bottom left side)


(Bottom right side)

Hand Made Paolucci

Roma (In cartouche)

Briar from Calabria, Toscana and Corsica.

Hand made mouthpieces in ebonite or acrylic.

Grading (ascending): 1 to 5 leaves.


Papalia Pipe - pipe artigianali
Genova Italy
Artisan: Gerardo Papalia
Production (2007): 100-120 pipes/year
The bow tie logo seems to have been discontinued (2009).


Saintes-Foy, Quebec Canada
Brands with an unique letter logo
Brand founded 1978.
Production (2005): ~ 8000 pipes/year


(See: Michael Parks)


Brands with an unique letter logo

(Left side) Paronelli (Underside) Italy, 05
Brands with pipe logo
Brands with anchor logo

(Left side) Paronelli

(Underside) Sardinian, [star] Briar, Hand Made in Italy

Brands with one blue or green dot logo


(Left side) Paronelli (Right side) Sardinian, [star] Briar



(Left side) Gold Flame

(Right side) Partner

A brand of F. W. Cole


Brands with crown & letters logo

(Left side) Passat, Ventil Pipe (Curved)

(Right side) Alt Bruyere, Deutsche Arbeit

A valve on the bowl's bottom (see detailed pics) is supposed to regulate the air stream.
Same device: Duke of Dundee, Kaywoodie Carburetor, Dunhill Airstream, Steel's
Same logo: Cambridge


Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

Passatore 393



no logo on the stem


W. Pastuch

Hand Made

Artisan: Wojtek Pastuch

Grading: none


Brands with 4 dots logo

Paul's Cayuga

Flint, MI USA
Paul's Cayuga, Oil Cured, Algerian Briar, Made in England
Brands with several letters logo
Paul's Cayuga, Oil Cured
The shop was created in 1913.
Owner (in 2008): Paul T. Spaniola
Adress: 647 S. Saginaw Street, Flint, MI 48504

Paul Guilland

St Claude France


Paul Gulland, Maitre-pipier


Paul Gulland, Maitre-pipier, Aurelia
Paul Guilland was the former director of Merton.
See also: Aurelia

Paul Olsen

Brands with crown logo

[Crown] Paul Olsen, 300, Handmade, in, Denmark
Name of a Danish tobacconist chain formerly owned by the Olsen family and taken over by Orlik Tobacco Company. Many pipes of the brand were made by Poul Winsløw.

Paul Perri

Brands with one dot logo

Brands with 3 dots logo

Brands with 3 dots logo

(Left side) Perri
The dot in the middle is of same size but different color than the two others.
Brands with 3 dots logo

Artisan: Paul Perri (retired 1997 in Hawai). He was the first mentor of Trever Talbert.
Paul Perri

Paul Tatum Tatum's Workshop Pipe and Tamper Sales

North Carolina USA
Tatums Workshop, Journeyman, 3
Solid gold band.
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo
Gold Lizard Eye imbedded in green acrylic stem.
Hand mixed acrylic stem, ice blue with white swirls.
Artisan: Paul Tatum is an engineer at NASA (2009). He carves some pipes from time to time. His distinguishing feature is a taxidermy eye inlaid in a home-made acrylic stem.
Paul Tatum

Paul Viou

Site de Sébastien BEAUD, Pipier
The brand's name as logo
Artisans: Jacques CRAEN and, since 2006 Sébastien BEAUD
Brand sold by Jacques Craen (see also Genod)


The brand's name as logo
Brand of Wolf Bros.


Denver (CO) USA
Meerschaum pipes

no logo on the stem

No markings on the pipe

Paykoc Imports started as a small Turkish meerschaum pipe retailer in Denver, Colorado. This merchant retailer has since expanded his inventory offering also briar pipes and products from around the world.
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