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Atlanta, London Made


(Left side) Atlantic, Bruyere (Right side) West Germany


Brands with an unique letter logo

(Left side)


(Right side)

Made in London, England, 6B


U.S. PAT. 2652062

The Atwood pipes were equipped with a permanent aluminum cup at the base of the chamber, with a bore hole. Atwood M. Tempe (Los Angeles) invented the system about 1950. The patent (U.S. PAT. 2652062) was granted in 1953 and the author partnered with Comoy's to produce the pipes. See drawings and description in document.


(Frank): see Natural World

Auld Erin


Auld Erin, Made in Ireland, 606

Auld Erin, Made in England, 608
Brands with an unique letter logo

(Underside) Auld Erin, Made in Ireland, 417
"Auld" (Scotland) = Old
"Erin" : former poetical denomination of Ireland (cf. Éirinn go Brách)
These pipes seem to have been crafted in both Dublin and London Peterson's facilities.
Brands with clover, spade, heart logo

(Left side) Aurelia Saint Claude veritable

Aux mines d'écume

Paris France
Brands with star logo
Aux mines d'écume, PARIS, 35 Bould St Martin (In oval)
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

Aux mines d'écume, PARIS, 35 Bould St Martin (In oval)

Avellino Pipe

Brands with two letters logo



pas de logo sur le tuyau


F. Axmacher, Germany (In circle)

11 A

Artisan: Frank Axmacher (born 1963)
Early stampings (until 2008): "AX" wedged between the two horizontal bars of an "F". Grade and date were stamped under the two bars.
Early grading (until 2008): Two letters. The first is for the pipe quality (ascending) from F to A. The second indicates the maker's evaluation.
Current stampings: Circular stamp
The date is stamped inside the circular signature. (i.e. 11=2011). The grade may be inside or outside the circle.
Current grading (ascending): C, B, A and AA for exceptional pipes


AZUMA Hand Made in Japan 501

This Tsuge second was essentially an export brand in the 1980's

See also (same logo): Esterd

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