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Michael Parks

Parks Pipes - Hand Crafted Briar Pipes
Courtice, ON  Canada
Brands with ornate spot or disk logo

 ◊ PARKS, V. 7 [Signature] ◊      Grade five, carved in 2007
Grade (ascending): from I to VI
The grade (roman numeral) is followed by a number designating the year in which the pipe was crafted.
7 = 2007
The pipes may be stamped with an other roman numeral indicating a serial number.
Michael Parks


The brand's name as logo


― Micke Make ―

― 5368 Denmark ―

(Underside of stem)

― Micke Make ―

― 5368 ―


Jørn Micke

Artisan: Jørn Micke (1938 - †2005) gave up his medicine study after a visit to Sixten Ivarsson in 1958. He started to work for Ivarsson in his workshop and at this time his pipes were selling for twice the price of the master's.

In 1963 he moved to Bornholm where he produced about 20 pipes/year (very much appreciated in Japan).

Micke used to design pipes for Royal Copenhagen (the Royal Porcelain Factory)


Park Forest, IL USA
Brands with several dots logo
  Mickles USA 1997
Brands with several dots logo

  Mickles USA 99
Artisan: Clarence Mickles



no logo on the stem


― Micoli ―

 A moderately rusticated/carved Micoli pipe compared to others from the same maker. Notice the carving motif incorporated into the doubly bent stem.

Artisan: Robert Eugene (Mic) Burns carved pipes at least from the early 1970's. Last news about him dates from November 2001. His son Ryan Burns stated in a forum his father is still (2009) very much alive and is in excellent health.

The deeply Dremmel carved pipes are typical of R. Burns' work.

Micoli's second: E. Oslo


Piladelphia USA
Brands with an unique letter logo

  Middleton Silvay 307
Brands with crown logo

 (On top) Middleton's Royal Cricket (On stem) France
This Middleton pipe seems to come from the same French factory as some Royal Ascot: it is marked with the same logo.
Brands with shield logo
Brands with one blue or green dot logo

 (Left side) Middleton (Arched), Selbur, Bruyere
 (Right side) Made in England (In circle)
 This is a pre-WWII churchwarden pipe.
Brands with anchor logo

 (Left side) Middleton, Old Mariner
(Right side)   Special Selection, 16
(Underside) John Middleton, Established 1856
The John Middleton Co. mainly known for its tobaccos (Prince Albert), was founded in 1856. The business was moved to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania in 1960 and it became a subsidiary of Altria Group in 2007.


  Militaire, Imported Briar


Brands with an unique letter logo

(Left side) Millville, Standard

(Right side) Made in London, England

  Millville, Unique
     Made by Hand, In, City of London
Artisans: Dennis and John Marshall (father and son). They formerly worked at Charatans factory.


see Romeo Domenico


Cortina d'Ampezzo Italy
Brands with one bar logo

Brands with 4 dots logo

(Left side) ◊ [Pipe inside circle] Da Mina, Cortina ◊

Da Mina is a Pipe Shop in Cortina.

Via Roma 5, Cortina D' Ampezzo (Veneto)

Mis Loisirs

 (Left side) Mis Loisirs
 (Right side St. Claude
One of the numerous brands coming from an unknown St Claude factory.


Brands with several letters logo

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